Adipurush controversy, Muntashir’s contradiction and Public Apology.

Adipurush Controversy

The Adipurush controversy refers to the criticism that has been levelled against the 2023 Indian film Adipurush, an adaptation of the Hindu epic Ramayana. The film has been criticised for its portrayal of Hindu deities, its use of colloquial language, and its depiction of violence.

Adipurush Controversy

Some of the specific criticisms of the film include:

  • The film’s portrayal of Lord Ram as a muscular, action-oriented hero, which some critics say is a distortion of the character’s traditional depiction.
  • The film’s use of colloquial language, which some critics say is inappropriate for a remake of spiritual scripture. Wordings such as “LANKA TERE BAAP KI” or “TERI BUA KA BAGEECHA HAI KYA” 
  • The film’s depiction of violence, which some critics say is gratuitous and unnecessary.

The controversy surrounding Adipurush has led to protests and calls for a ban on the film. The film’s director, Om Raut, has defended the film, saying that it is a faithful adaptation of the Ramayana and that it does not intend to offend anyone’s religious sensibilities.

The Adipurush controversy is a complex issue that raises questions about the role of religion in cinema, the portrayal of Hindu deities, and the use of violence in film. It is a debate that is likely to continue for some time.

Here are some additional details about the controversy:

  • The film was banned in Nepal after protests broke out over its depiction of Hindu deities.
  • The film’s box office performance has been disappointing, with some critics blaming the controversy for its poor showing.

It remains to be seen how the Adipurush controversy will ultimately be resolved. However, it is clear that the film has sparked a significant debate about the role of religion in cinema and the portrayal of Hindu deities.

Muntashir’s Role

The most controversial incident about Adipurush is the scripting of the movie and majorly its dialogues. The dialogues of Adipurush were written by Manoj Muntashir. Manoj Muntashir is an Indian lyricist, poet, writer and screenwriter. He wrote one of the most successful and hit Hindi songs for bollywood.

Adipurush Controversy

The film’s dialogue writer, Manoj Muntashir, was forced to go into hiding after receiving death threats for hurting Hindu sentiments. After watching the whole scenario, director of the original Ramayan serial 1987 Ramanand Sagar’s son Prem Sagar said: 

“It might be a misjudgment that the younger generation would like it. But you can’t do this with the audience. Don’t say it is based on Valmiki Ramayan, give it any other name. Make it a fantasy film. But if you’re making Ramayan then you cannot hurt the sentiments. People watch this with devotion”

Adipurush Controversy

Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi criticised Muntashir and referred to the script as “Pedestrian dialogues”. She also asked for an apology from the makers. Similarly, Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel alleged the dialogues as objectionable and indecent.

But recently reacting to all the criticism Muntashir defended himself by saying: 

“It is not an error. It is a very meticulous thought process that has gone into writing the dialogues for Bajrang Bali and for all the characters. We have made it simple because we have to understand one thing: if there are multiple characters in a film, all cannot speak the same language. There has to be a kind of diversion, a kind of division.”

He also Said:

“Hamare yahan daadiyan, naniyan jab Ramayan ki kathaye sunati thi, To isi bhaasha mein sunaati thi. Yeh dialogue jiska aapne zikar kiya, yeh iss desh ke sant, bade bade katha vachak aisi hi bolte hai jaise maine likha hai” 

Later these dialogues of the film were changed but the controversy remains the same as the sentiments of people were already hurt. 

A video of Muntashir over eight months ago in an interview where he said:

“If people think we are trying to modernise the Ramayana, I want to tell them that not at all. We have presented the Ramayana just like how people heard stories during their childhood.”

But in a recent interview he contradict his old statement and said: 

“The film’s name is Adipurush. Humne Ramayan nahi banayi hai. Hum Ramayan se prerit hai” 

In a recent interview, Muntashir again created a wreck for himself by saying: 

“Bajrang bali bhagwan nahi hai, bhakt hai. Humne unko bhagwan banaya hai kyuki unki bhakti mein woh power tha”

On 8th July 2023, after all the chaos created by him, Manoj Muntashir issued a public apology. 

He said:

“I accept people’s emotions have been hurt by Adipurush. With folded hands, I extended my unconditional apologies. May Prabhu Bajrang Bali keeps us united and grant us strength to serve our sacred Sanatan and our great nation” 

By changing and contradicting statements, Muntashir continued to be in controversy or maybe with his public apology his self created wreck came to an end.