Avengers Endgame Breaks The Lifetime Record Of Avatar


Avengers Endgame finally beats Avatar

The tracker of difference between the Box-Office totals for Avengers Endgame and Avatar 2009 finally fell to zero. Earlier breaking the record of ‘Highest Opening Day’ and ‘Highest Opening Weekend’, Endgame has just conquered the 2009 hit. The film, by defeating James Cameron’s king of the world, has become the highest-grossing film because Cameron had not one but top two such films.

The superheroes nailed Avatar along with Thanos only during its first run whereas the ‘now second highest-grossing film’ achieved its status during its second run.

It was not long ago when people were saying that there is no way Avengers Endgame could beat Avatar to be the number one film of all time but now its all said and done. Talking about the cultural aspect, Avatar, if not one of the biggest movies, will certainly remain an important aspect of which a lot of people talk about very fondly. Being the first movie to introduce 3D, what drove people to see it and remain in theatre for such a long time, during a period where we have a blockbuster every week, was its visuals. Now that Avengers Endgame has officially passed it, and became the biggest and culturally impactful film of all time, maybe only Avatar2 can come out and blow everybody away.

Avengers, with a three-hour runtime, was not only able to overcome a huge competition but also all those people who were going against it a year ago saying that there is no way it can do it.  The brand has become all-powerful. Gaining the trust of people and accepting it into their living rooms and pop culture to be at the top of common conversation of normal people, the film became number one due to its cultural impact.

Comparing with Cameron’s creation, the Russo brothers’ direction, made on a budget of 356 million USD, has earned 2.789 billion USD. The directors tweeted “To the greatest fans in the universe. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you…”. Avengers international earning was 373 crores from India (2nd highest after Dangal’s collection of 385 crores) and 620 million + from China. Infinity war crossed the mark of 1 billion dollars on a global mark in 11 days but Marvel broke its records with Endgame collecting the same amount in just 5 days. It even broke its domestic collection of Hollywood’s home market (the USA and Canada) with earnings of 357 million USD beating the ‘Star Wars’ 3 days collection of 248 million.

Even its trailer broke the records of highest views (289 million)  in 24 hours of its release by Marvel so the bar was expected to be crossed.


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