Bigg Boss 12 to have couples, Salman Khan to host the show


Bigg Boss 12 to have couples, Salman Khan to host the show

Bigg Boss, one of the most viewed and immensely loved  television reality show with  its  endless entertainment and  power packed ceaseless drama  has recently spilled out the beans for the details of its twelfth season, which is believed to have the romantic couples as  its contestants.

The popularity of the show has also led to its remake in the Marathi language, thus boosting its fame to many more folds.

The colors channel recently tweeted “#BiggBoss12 is coming soon and this time we’re looking for jodis! So bring a partner along with you to the @BiggBoss house for twice the dhamaal! Auditions now open!

An Indian Express also quoted a source as saying, “Bigg Boss is one of the most watched shows across the world and the showrunners make an effort to bring something new for its viewers every year. While the partner angle was played during the ninth season themed- Double Trouble, this would be special, as for the first time, contestants will get to participate with their loved ones.”

The show, which  has been hosted by our one and only excessively adored Bhai, Salman Khan is  about to now plunge out the brand new theme of “love birds”. The nature of the couple participating in the upcoming reality show season is however not yet known.

Let’s hope and wish for the Double Dhamaal of Bigg Boss 12 this year!