Hrithik Roshan vs Tiger Shroff: Tiger Shared the New War Poster

New War Poster

New War Poster: Yash Raj Films has again proved why it is considered to be one of the leading production houses of Bollywood. Yes, it is about WAR, the upcoming movie of tiger, Hrithik, and Vani. The leading actors, Hrithik Roshan, and Tiger Shroff have recently shared the latest poster with some spicy and captivating captions and have made a stir on the social media after launching the New Poster of War

Everyone was amazed after watching the first teaser of War which, the company has released in the previous month. We had our goosebumps after knowing that the two action stars and power-packed dancers of Bollywood are going to share the screen for the first time. We could not accept them in a typical rom-com movie, and the makers were well aware of the fact. That’s the reason they have made an action movie where the poster itself reads as “Hrithik VS Tiger” No other title than WAR could justify the emotion we would feel after watching them fighting on screen.

The Real-Life War between Hrithik and Tiger

On 2 October, we will see them fighting two wars simultaneously. One is on-screen, while the other one is to become the top action star of Bollywood. Both the actors are against each other, and it would prompt us to choose one of them as the trailer itself asks us to take sides. So, apart from the fictional story, a war of becoming the best action hero has also begun between Hrithik and Tiger since the launch of New War Poster.

WAR New Poster on Social Media 

The Yash Raj Films launched the first teaser in July and captioned it as “TWO HERO, ONE WAR.” The audience open-heartedly accepted the trailer and were eagerly waiting for the updates. So, Tiger Shroff has ended our wait after sharing the new poster of the movie and began a war on Instagram with his caption. He mentioned his senior and favorite Hrithik and wrote, “This WAR will only have one winner, then challenged Hrithik Roshan to be ready to lose it all. Hrithik too joined the fight and replied, “It’s WAR. I will let my actions speak louder than words.”