Legendary Actor Dev Anand’s Iconic Bungalow Sold for a Whopping Sum, Making Way for a 22-Storey Tower

Dev Anand

The legacy of legendary Bollywood actor Dev Anand continues to leave an indelible mark on the film industry and his fans, even after his passing. Recently, it was reported that Dev Anand’s iconic Juhu bungalow, where he and his family had spent four memorable decades, has been sold for a staggering amount. The bungalow, steeped in nostalgia and history, will soon be demolished to pave the way for a modern 22-storey tower. In this blog, we will delve into the details of this significant development and explore the reasons behind the sale of this cherished property.

Dev Anand

The Legendary Bungalow:
Dev Anand, along with his beloved wife Kalpana Kartik and their children Suniel Anand and Devina Anand, called this Juhu bungalow home for many years. This magnificent property, situated in the upscale neighborhood of Juhu, Mumbai, served as a sanctuary for the iconic actor and his family. It was here that Dev Anand crafted his legendary career, while his family created countless cherished memories.

The Sale:
According to reports by Hindustan Times, the Juhu bungalow was sold for an astonishing estimated sum of Rs 350-400 crore. The property had been acquired by a prominent real estate company with grand plans to demolish the bungalow and erect a 22-storey tower in its place. This development marks a significant transformation of the landscape in one of Mumbai’s most sought-after areas.

Dev Anand's Iconic Bungalow

Reasons for the Sale:
The decision to sell the bungalow, which held immense sentimental value for the Anand family, was primarily influenced by the challenges associated with its maintenance. Dev Anand’s children, Suniel and Devina, made the difficult decision to part with the property due to the geographical distance and practical difficulties in maintaining it. Suniel resides in the United States, while Devina lives in Ooty with their mother, Kalpana Kartik.

Proceeds and Family Division:
It is worth noting that this was not the only property the Anand family decided to sell. In addition to the Juhu bungalow, they also sold some additional properties in Panvel, Maharashtra. The proceeds from the sale of these properties are set to be divided among all three family members of the legendary actor – Suniel Anand, Devina Anand, and Kalpana Kartik.

The sale of Dev Anand’s Juhu bungalow marks the end of an era and a bittersweet farewell to a property filled with countless memories and stories from the golden era of Bollywood. While the iconic bungalow will soon be replaced by a modern tower, the legacy of Dev Anand and his contributions to Indian cinema will forever remain etched in the hearts of his fans. The sale serves as a reminder that even the most cherished and nostalgic places must sometimes make way for progress and change.