Nitesh Tiwari’s latest statement about Deepika and Hrithik starrer Ramayana

Deepika and Hrithik

Jodha Akbar Star Hrithik and Padmavat Queen Deepika Padukone together in a movie playing Ram and Sita,” Don’t you think the thought itself is enticing enough to invite us to the cinema hall. Yes, I know you too are dying to see them together on a big screen; and when it is a mythological movie, God Please let this happen! That is what Deepika and Hrithik fans are hoping for right now because everyone has heard the rumors of them working together, but neither of them has yet confirmed the news.

Something About the Upcoming Movie of Deepika and Hrithik

Hrithik and Deepika are rumored to appear together in Nitesh Tiwari’s mega-budget movie titled Ramayana. The movie would be an adaptation of one of the sacred mythological epics of Indian History and tells the story of Ram, who is still considered as the Perfect Man.

The director Nitesh Tiwari was recently spotted at an event where he was questioned related to his upcoming project. The way he answered has made everyone doubt whether he approved the rumors, or not. It seems like he does not want to reveal any of his ideas, and want us to continue speculating about it.

One of his statement makes us believe that Deepika and Hrithik indeed are going to play the epic roles, “You said ‘rumours’, right? While another sentence says that the cast has not been finalized yet. He said, “I have not yet started thinking about the cast yet. First, we are trying to get it right on papers, with our executions, and with our thought process and everything. We are still trying to get there, baa ki baate we’ll start with later.”

The only thing which is confirmed is that the movie, Ramayana, would be made, and it would be a multi-starrer and might become the highest budget movie of India Cinema. The members have also announced that the actors from different film industries would work in the film.

Further Rumors on Nitesh Tiwari’s mega-budget movie Ramayana

The film was announced in July, and people are since then making speculations about it. Someone has even shared that the Bahubali actor Prabhas along with other celebrities from Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil film industries. The overall cost for the making of Ramayana might reach 500 Crore in Indian Rupees.