Poonam Pandey Filed FIR Against Shilpa Shetty’s Husband Raj Kundra: What Really Happens

poonam pandey and raj kundra

Ever since Poonam Pandey promised to strip if India won the cricket match, she had been the burning topic in bollywood industry. Famous for controversies, Poonam Pandy created yet another one by filing an FIR against Raj Kundra.

Latest news updates state that the case is based on an app managed by Kundra’s company. Poonam says that her phone number was visible on tha app with a tagline ‘call me, i will strip for you’. “She has accused Kundra and his associates of using her number even after the termination of the contract.”

Poonam Pandey and Raj Kundra had already been in a controversy earlier when she tried to file a complaint in Bandra police station, Mumbai, on 7 December 2019. After police refused to file FIR against Raj Kundra, she was obliged to appeal the Bombay High Court. 

Pandey has been facing a lot of trouble as people have been calling her and requesting her to ” strip”  since past six months. Tired of constant trolling, the actress also left the country for three months but the things remained same.  Sharing her plight, Poonam said, “I will approach the cyber-crime cell, too. I am going through this nightmare just because I refused to work with them. I am living under constant threats of abduction, rape, murder and acid attack. My right to live and privacy has been affected. Just because I am Poonam Pandey, you can’t subject me to this treatment. I am what I am in my world. People can call me controversy’s favourite. I don’t have a problem with that, but you can’t disrespect me and threaten my existence.

Clarifying Pandey’s accusations, Shilpa Shetty‘s Husband Raj Kundra said “I had invested in a company called Armsprime Media last year, which makes apps for celebrities. I am not aware of the petition as I exited the venture in December 2019 with a sale to the current shareholders.”

The FIR against Raj Kundra is being handled by the company’s lawyer Thakur Arjun Singh. Stating that Poonam Pandey and Raj Kundra had have nothing to do with each other, the representative said “We have just learned that Poonam has filed a petition in Bombay High Court. We haven’t been served a copy of it, yet.”

“The matter has neither been listed nor heard. We will deal with it once we receive a copy of the petition. As far as her allegations are concerned, there is no substance in them.” 

“She has been paid in excess – an amount of ’60 lakh – as per the agreement in accordance with the revenue share. Just because Raj is an investor in Armsprine, she is trying to extort money by misusing criminal law.”

“She has a civil remedy available if she feels there is a discrepancy in payments but dragging everyone in a criminal case is malicious and mischievous”

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