Rani Mukerji Had Put Her Heart and Soul in the Film Mardaani 2

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Rani Mukerji has truly worked hard in the film Mardaani 2; she was totally into the depth of character as trying to spread the message of the various tactics she has used for the rebellion of different kinds of violence happening around in the city. Prior to the release of film Mardaani 2 she had visited female police officers for organizing a special screening of the film for them, the actress has been carefully picking the right ways to promote the film.

Very often in the latest Bollywood films, there is often a promotional song that is released ahead of the film to attract fans while giving them a better look at a film’s central character.

Rani Mukerji said that Mardaani 2 will not walk on the same path will do something different as it has a specific focus of serious matter and for that this film does not match with the concept of promotional songs.

At a recent press conference, she said, they wanted to protect the sacredness of their message and not do any marketing attention-grabber like shoot a promotional song just to get more conversions and more involvement of people. She said this kind o promotion would be counterproductive to what actually they wanted to achieve. On one hand, we are trying to deliver a powerful message in society and on the other hand releasing a music video would dilute the goal of the film.

In Mardaani 2 Rani Mukerji playing her role as Superintendent Shivani Roy as she sets herself to follow a serial rapist and her with her efforts trying to stop him. The pains Mukerji had expressed in the film wanted that the general audience should also feel the same towards the film. It will be released on December 13, 2019.

Mukharjee across the country has been meeting various police officers, where she has been pointing out the rise of violent crimes committed by juveniles against women and girls. The actor has also been motivating the cops for keeping crime under check.

After she has played the role Rani Mukerji said she has no words to express the kind of hard work being put in by the cops every single day to keep people safe. Police officials are doing their job in the most professional, methodical and selfless manner and it is really eye-opening to see just how much they tolerate to keep us secure.

Talking about her experience, in the film Mardaani 2 she said, it was extremely informative and educative for her to visit the PCR (Police Control Room). She had learned so much about what pain one goes into keeping our women and daughters safe at the times when the nature of crime is becoming severely complex with the rise of technology.

Mukerji further said, it takes an unbelievable amount of hard work to keep crimes at the check and she is really thankful for the police force with all her heart for their devotion and enthusiasm to keep their countrymen safe and sound.

The women police team debuted at the PCR said, the issue of cyber-crime is very important to us and it’s a big danger to the youth. A swift response team is there with us that reaches out to the platforms immediately through our official email addresses to look into the content that is getting viral. Then immediately lodge an FIR and get into the nerves of the crime committed.

In the movie Mardaani 2, Rani Mukerji is playing the role of the fearless and committed Superintendent of Police, Shivani Shivaji Roy. In this film she had been appreciated a lot as she had delivered an awesome performance which stood super hit and hugely applauded the character of Mardaani, in which she took on the kingpin of a child trafficking racket.

“Such Informative Movies Would Stand As an Eye-Opening In the Society”

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