Rashmi Desai Opens Up About Her Family Life

rashmi desai

The controversial reality tv shows Bigg Boss 13 has extended up till February and its extension has brought up many other issues from the contestants’ personal lives. The most talked-about among the participants is the Rashmi Desai controversy. One of the videos from the show captures her talking about her mother and family life with Aarti. The unseen video from Bigg Boss 13 captures Rashmi and aarti sitting in a corner and Rashmi says ‘I get angry a lot. I actually ate poison once. I was very angry that I was a girl. My mother always protected me at that time but I was very moody. My mother has never supported me since my marriage.’

Apart from this, Aarti asks about Rashmi Desai’s mother saying ‘what happened to the problem with her mother?’. Rashmi replies ‘she is very positive. Her whole world was around me. I was her everything. I did not have problems with his love but used to interfere very much in other things. She still considers me a child, but after the age of one, everyone needs sparse’

Rashmi further explains that her mother wanted to control everything in her life. Because of this, she had a lot of arguments with her mother.

After whatever happened on the sets of Bigg Boss 13, Rashmi Desai’s mother Rasila Desai opened up to media and said that Rashmi did not seek her permission to join the show. If she were given a chance, she would never let Rashmi come close to Siddharth Shukla. “Rashami did not seek my permission this time to say yes to Bigg Boss, otherwise, I would have never let my pair go. Sidharth is playing his game. Salman Khan has already chided him for his ‘aisi ladki’ comment. Rashami should just stay away from him” Apart from this Rashmi Desai’s mother also spoke up on Mahira Sharma’s mother’s comments over Rashmi. Mahira’s mother accused Rashmi of following Siddharth to Goa saying “Rashami ne Socha Hoga, Sidharth Shukla Goa tak toh pohoch Gaya hai, ussey bedroom tak pohchne time nahi lagega, issliye who chup hogai”. To this,  Rashmi Desai’s mother responded “Rashami did not hear what Sidharth said about Goa, otherwise she would have given a befitting reply. Mahira’s mom said ‘bedroom tak ki Baat’, being a woman how can she stoop so low? She shouldn’t have said it.”

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