‘RRR’ Joy Inspires 83-Year-Old Japanese Woman to Create 1000 Origami Figures for SS Rajamouli

RRR Director

The Indian film ‘RRR,’ directed by SS Rajamouli, has captivated audiences worldwide with its epic storytelling, breathtaking visuals, and dynamic character portrayals. It’s a cinematic marvel that transcends geographical boundaries, connecting with viewers on a profound emotional level. The film’s ability to evoke strong feelings of excitement, empathy, and joy is a testament to the universal language of cinema. This connection was beautifully illustrated when an 83-year-old Japanese woman was so moved by the film that she decided to express her admiration through the art of origami.

RRR Director

The Artistic Tribute

Origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, is more than just a craft; it’s a medium of expression and celebration. The elderly fan chose to channel her appreciation for ‘RRR’ into creating 1000 origami figures, a task requiring patience, precision, and dedication. This gesture is not only a labor of love but also a bridge between cultures, showcasing the influence Indian cinema has on individuals across the globe. The choice of origami reflects a deep respect and a unique way of honoring the film and its creators.

The Significance of 1000 Origami Figures

In Japanese culture, folding 1000 origami cranes is a symbol of hope, healing, and peace. While the specific figures crafted for Rajamouli were not detailed, the number itself carries significant weight, representing a monumental effort to wish the filmmaker continued success and creativity. This act of creating 1000 pieces embodies the woman’s deep emotional connection to ‘RRR’ and her wish to convey her feelings in a manner that resonates with her own cultural heritage.

SS Rajamouli’s Reaction

Upon receiving this unique tribute, SS Rajamouli was deeply touched by the gesture. It’s a rare and heartfelt acknowledgment from a fan living thousands of miles away, underscoring the global reach and impact of his work. For a filmmaker, such appreciation from international audiences is both humbling and encouraging, highlighting the power of storytelling to cross cultural and linguistic barriers. Rajamouli’s reaction to this gift was a mixture of gratitude and awe, recognizing the effort and emotion invested in the origami figures.

‘RRR’s Cultural Exchange

The story of the 83-year-old Japanese woman and her 1000 origami figures is a shining example of how art, in this case, cinema, fosters a global dialogue and cultural exchange. ‘RRR’ has not only been a success at the box office but has also become a cultural phenomenon, sparking conversations and inspiring acts of creativity around the world. This incident reflects the film’s ability to touch hearts beyond its intended audience, creating a ripple effect of joy and inspiration.


The convergence of an elderly Japanese woman’s traditional craft with the Indian cinematic spectacle of ‘RRR’ encapsulates the beautiful, boundary-crossing nature of art. This story highlights the profound connections that can be formed through shared emotional experiences, even among people from vastly different backgrounds. As ‘RRR’ continues to make waves internationally, the origami tribute stands as a powerful symbol of the film’s universal appeal and the timeless nature of storytelling. It is a reminder that, regardless of age, language, or culture, the impact of a well-told story is boundless.