What are the 5 latest hacks which your favorite celebrities are using nowadays?


Celebrities often set trends and inspire their fans with their unique lifestyles. From fashion to fitness, they are always in the spotlight. In recent times, several celebrities have been utilizing certain hacks to enhance their daily routines and make their lives more convenient. These hacks have become quite popular among fans and followers who seek to incorporate these tips into their own lives. Let’s take a closer look at five latest hacks that your favorite celebrities are using nowadays.


DIY Beauty Rituals

One of the latest trends among celebrities is the use of DIY beauty rituals. For example, Alia Bhatt is known for her beetroot and curd face mask, which she swears by for achieving a healthy and radiant complexion. Many celebrities have shared their own homemade beauty remedies that they incorporate into their skincare routines, highlighting the benefits of natural ingredients.


Pillow Luggage Hack

Jahnvi Kapoor has introduced a unique travel hack that has caught the attention of many. Instead of packing separate bags for clothes and accessories, she rolls her outfits and places them inside her pillowcase, turning it into a makeshift luggage bag. This hack not only saves space but also keeps clothes organized and wrinkle-free during travel.


Routine Bag Essentials

Have you ever wondered what actresses carry in their routine bags? Many celebrities have revealed the essentials they always keep with them. From skincare products to healthy snacks, they give a glimpse into their daily must-haves. These insights not only provide a peek into their personal lives but also offer practical tips for staying prepared and refreshed throughout the day.

Cheat Diet Secrets

Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial for celebrities, but they also have their guilty pleasures. Shilpa Shetty, for instance, is known for her disciplined fitness regime, but her social media is often loaded with pictures of mouth-watering snacks and delicious foods. This shows that even celebrities indulge in cheat meals occasionally, proving that balance is key to a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle.

Airport Looks

Celebrities are known for their impeccable style, and their airport looks have become a prominent trend. Deepika Padukone, in particular, has garnered attention for her effortlessly chic airport outfits. These looks often combine comfort with fashion, inspiring travelers to put together stylish ensembles for their own journeys.



The lifestyle hacks employed by celebrities offer valuable insights into their routines and choices. From DIY beauty rituals to travel hacks and fashion tips, these tricks provide inspiration and practicality. While it’s important to remember that celebrities have their own unique circumstances and resources, incorporating some of their hacks can add fun and convenience to our own lives. Just remember to tailor them to your own preferences and needs.