10 Refreshing Face Mists for Glowing skin


As we know summer is right around the corner and we can feel the temperature rising day by day.During summer, depending on your skin type- it tends to become oily or at times so dry and dull. In order to bring back that aura on our skin we need mists. So, what is mist? And why is it so important for our skin?

As we can recall, the first generation mist were mostly mineral water and the latest studies came out to show that mineral water spray was actually doing the reverse i.e., it was drying up the skin rather than hydrating it and that’s because when water evaporates from our skin it actually takes along with it, all of our skin’s natural oil. This is why we always feel a little tight and dry after taking a shower. Even today a lot of facial mists that we buy, one can always see that there is a lot of water in the formula and hence after spraying it, the skin feels tight. So, it’s really important for a facial mist to be form a really strong moisture barrier on application.

Three things you need to know before starting

What to Use

DIY face mists are easy to make and you can experiment with all the ingredients that you love. As the base, you can steep any herbal tea you desire (green, peppermint and chamomile are favorites, whichever essential oil you adore the scent of (avoid citrus-based oils as they can have a photosensitive effect, causing skin pigmentation in the sun) and hydrating oils like jojoba, sweet almond or vitamin E. Rosewater, Aloe Vera, coconut and cucumber are also fantastic ingredients to experiment with.

Glass Spritz Bottle

You’ll need a small sterilized glass spritz bottle or atomizer. You can usually find these at your local health food store.

Store Your Homemade Mist in the Fridge

To preserve the freshness of these natural, preservative-free toners, store them in the refrigerator and use within 10 days.

Have a look at the 10 face mists which can refresh your skin this summer.

Refreshing Face Mists for Glowing skin

1) Cooling Cucumber Toner

Cucumber has gentle hydrating properties and witch hazel is slightly antiseptic and tightens pores, making this a great DIY mist for oilier skin.

1 to 2 cucumbers
Witch hazel

Clean and grate cucumber over a bowl. Squeeze cucumber and collect the juice.

2) Uplifting Vanilla Chamomile Mist

Chamomile is gentle, soothing for the skin and reduces inflammation. Whilevanilla has an uplifting, De-stressing effect on our senses.

1 chamomile tea bag
2-3 drops of vanilla essential oil
2 drops Jojoba oil
Distilled water

Add chamomile tea bag to a cup of water. Steep for an hour. Fill spritz bottleup to three quarters full with cooled tea.Add vanilla essential oil, jojoba oil and top with distilled water. Shake and spritz.

3) Hydrating Coconut and Aloe Mist

Coconut water is a tropical hydrator that contains Cytokinin–a cell regenerator and magic anti-aging ingredient. Aloe Vera is super soothing and great for all skin and Hair types.

Coconut water
Aloe Vera juice
1 tsp sweet almond oil
1 tsp macadamia oil

Mix equal parts of coconut water and Aloe Vera juice. Add sweet almond oil and Macadamia oil

4) Antioxidant Green Tea Toner

Full of antioxidants and great for oily or acne-prone skin.

2 cups boiling water
2 green tea bags
2 to 3 drops vitamin E oil (optional)

Steep tea bags in boiling water for the an hour. Let it chill. Pour into spritz bottle with vitamin E oil for hydration.

5) Revitalizing Rose Water Toner

Rose water revitalizes and softens the skin while maintaining its pH balance. The aroma calms the senses, helping to aid relaxation and acts as stress-buster.

1/2 cup rose water
1 tablespoon jojoba oil

Mix ingredients and spritz.

6) Refreshing Lavender Peppermint Mist

Peppermint tea has a cooling effect on the skin and lavender has healing properties making this a fantastic summer spritzer.

1 peppermint tea bag
2 to 3 drops lavender essential oil

Steep tea bag in boiling water. Let it cool completely. Add lavender oil and shake to mix.

7) Calming Calendula Aloe Vera Mist

¼ cup dried Calendula flowers
1 tbsp.Aloe Vera juice
One & Two drops of essential oil of your choice for scent (optional)

Steep dried Calendula flowers in a cup of boiling water for 30 minutes. Strain and cool tea. Add Aloe Vera juice and a few drops of essential oil, if desiredRefreshing Face Mists for Glowing skin.

8) Khadi global Tangy lemonade with orange peel mist facial toner (available in market)

Lemonade and oranges are rich sources of vitamin C,which is really good for the skin and helps in controlling sun tanning, blackheads, dark circles, dry skin. It’s 100% natural and contains no parabens.

9) Body herbals Lavender facial mist(available in market)

This mist is an instant skin booster. Lavender has therapeutic properties to calm senses and uplift mood. The smell of lavender also helps in reducing stress.Either way it’s a win-win situation. It also improves skin elasticity and replenishes the moisture level of the skin care.

10) L’OréalParis UV perfect Aqua essence face mist (available in market)

This is the first Ultra-light UV mist for face in a refreshing flash dry watery texture with 12hr.-long lasting UV protection. It can be applied over make-up and is sweat proof, non-sticky and non-groovy.