Breastfeeding your baby Here are 5 facts you must perceive!


Hello, Beautiful mothers!

Firstly, hearty congratulations for your adorable little newborns!

Child birth is a burgeoning process, where a mother had to go through a lot of physical changes. The child is solely dependent on its mother for its nutrition right from the start. The nine months it receives its nutrients from inside the mother’s body and later on through her breast milk. However, one of the most quintessential nutrients during this period is Calcium. Hence, the consumption of calcium ought not to be ignored by the mothers!

Here are 5 facts to enlighten you about the importance of intake of Calcium!

1. Elevated requirement of Calcium

Many pregnant and the breast feeding mothers have low amount of dietary calcium intake. Data from 10 different states highlights that the intake of calcium during pregnancy and lactation is only a scant 400mg complementing to its requirement to a whopping 1200mg per day.

The baby requires almost 200-300mg of calcium daily via breast milk for the first six months. This calcium is imperative for the development of strong bones and teeth as they comprise almost 99% of body’s calcium.

2. Higher postpartum loss of Calcium

Calcium deficiency is almost four times higher during the nine months of the lactation period than during the pregnancy. Hence, the loss of bone mineral density can be curbed by the consumption of Calcium.

3. Calcium drains off on daily basis

An extravagate breast feeding provokes the excavation of the calcium from the body on the daily basis as a lactating women can lose upto 200-300 mg of Calcium ever day.

4. Adequate intake of Calcium is mandatory

Adequate intake of calcium is a must for the mothers for two reasons:

Calcium rich breast milk.

To sway off osteoporosis, a medical condition caused by the calcium deficiency.

5. Loss of bone mass

Mothers have to toil a lot for meeting the breast feeding requirement of the baby. A study has shown that women tend to lose almost 3%-5% of their bone mass during the six months of breast feeding to suffice the baby’s need for calcium.

A healthy child can only be from a healthy mother!