Daily Health Tips: 10 Things We Use Regularly But They Destroy Our Health

daily health tips

Health Tips

We are all aware that health is wealth, but usually it gets ignored by us. Our health and the daily things with which we are all connected with are highly interlinked and that is only the truth which we cannot ignore. For everything we are only responsible. We are whole and sole responsible for polluting the environment and also creating negativity in the environment on the contrary we ourselves fall into it, which reflects in the form of ill health caused by infection or by stress. We always remain concerned about our homes, to keep it clean but not the environment as such, which in turn pollutes our home as well.

But the question arises which products we are in habit of using daily in our life, which can affect the environment and us as well, everyone thinks of plastic at first, but there are lots of other products which we are using every day and these destroy our health and the environment.

So, to live a healthy life, we need to care and build a healthy environment for ourselves and for precaution one must preserve the healthy environment.

Some daily use products which we often use them and are destroying the balance of nature and our health also:

Health and Fitness Tip 1 Detergent

daily health tips

Environmental Protection Agency has been continuously warning us about the dangerous effects of chemical-based detergents. Most of the detergents found contain an excess amount of Nitrogen and phosphorus which affects the marine lives and the marine plants, they get destroyed. These destroyed dead plants and corals are eaten by the fish which affect their health and contaminate the water body as a whole. Our health is also compromised as this is a food cycle; we eat that fish/seafood which is affected. Thus, switching to biodegradable detergents is the only solution to this problem.

Health and Fitness Tip 2 Paint Thinners

daily health tips

These are used in every household often either when construction or home, repainting, renovation etc. but these products are inflammable, toxic, reactive as well as corrosive which not only pollutes the air inside the home or the room but also the human residing there. This can cause irritation in the eyes and burning sensation on the skin.

Health and Fitness Tip 3 Disposable Tea Bags

daily health tips

Once a report in “The Guardian” came out which indicated that not even the paper tea bags which we think are completely safe for us and the environment are biodegradable. They are also biodegradable to a certain extent and thus the remaining is going to affect the environment.   

Health and Fitness Tip 4 Pesticides

daily health tips

This whether used in the agricultural land in huge quantity or for indoor garden areas at the end contaminates the water bodies which in turn affect the marine life and finally the human civilization. Even the crops on which excessive pesticides are being used retain those chemicals and affect the human body which can cause severe illness and critical diseases.

Health and Fitness Tip 5 Cleansers or Body-Gels with Micro beads

daily health tips

Face wash, Body gels usually contain micro beads which we think are very good dust removal but, these micro beads are nothing but plastic granules which get mixed in the water and finally enters the water bodies which destroys thousands of marine lives. Try to use biodegradable eco-friendly products.

Health and Fitness Tip 6 Aluminium Foils

daily health tips

These foils can retain the heat in the food items for a longer duration, but they produce greenhouse gasses which are harmful not only for the environment but also for the person eating the wrapped food since the chemical or the gas get mixed with the food as well if kept for the excessive time.

Health and Fitness Tip 7 Deodorants

daily health tips

Deodorants or body sprays are necessary for a country like India where most of the seasons are like summer. But these deodorants contain a chemical called Triclosan which is used to kill the bacteria in our body but this chemical is contaminating the nature, have ill-effect on the animals and marine creatures. One can use the deodorants having hydrogen peroxide or alcohol which has less or nil effect on the environment or the human body.

Health and Fitness Tip 8 Facial Wipes

daily health tips

Facial wipes or wet wipes which we feel proud carrying with us and often use in summers. But it contains plastic which blocks and contaminate water bodies. Though the companies claim they are biodegradable, but studies have found that they are not biodegradable and thus block the sewer system and contaminate the water bodies.

Health and Fitness Tip 9 Sulphate-based Soaps or Hair wash (Shampoo)

daily health tips

Soaps and Shampoos are being used every day in every household especially in the urban area and most of these products contain sulphate or sodium lauryl ether sulphate which is a chemical that cannot degrade easily and thus contaminates the nature. Thus, switching to biodegradable soaps or hair wash is the only solution to this problem.

Health and Fitness Tip 10 Toilet Cleaners

daily health tips

Toilet cleaners are used in almost every urban and in rural households, but these products are chemical based which degrades the quality of the water bodies and when comes in contact with the human body can cause a severe burning sensation, irritation of the skin, eyes, etc.

So, These Are Some Daily Products Which We Use Them Daily, Though Cannot Avoid but Still Can Shift to Eco-Friendly Products

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