How to grow long hair?

How to grow long hair
How to grow long hair

Did you actually decide to read up this article?

That desperate, hmm?

Let’s see how we can help you out with this MAJOR tragedy!

To grow hair is…involuntary, a natural process that happens to be absolutely dependent on what you eat, your habitat and living standards and your choice of lifestyle. Of course fashion is the bitch because it actually compels you to TRY NEW THINGS and the results are YOU END UP READING ARTICLE LIKE THESE!

Don’t get sad, hey there, we at IAMFLYPPED are there to help you grow your hair out!

The most important thing while growing hair is the QUALITY and also the QUANTITY, together when you achieve this QUANLITY you can go to the next step of growing LONG HAIR, absolutely Rapunzel types?

Suggestions are as follows:

HOME REMEDY: when was the last time you oiled these luminous locks of yours? Well, oiling definitely pays off in the longer run.

OILING: – You might love the fragrant oils now available in the market but the suggested ones are Aamla, Sarson (mustard oil). These are the common ones that are easily available.

People willing to sacrifice some time to earn better results can actually prepare hair oils for themselves. You can use fresh neem leaves, brihgraaj, shikhakai and condiments like these and boil them in proportionate amount of Coconut Oil to get the home made hair oil. (google it)

HAIR PACK: Ever heard about MANDOOR? Well, this powder could be the answer to most of your hair problems and also help you to gain those lovely long tresses. You can also make use of other powders like Aamla, Reetha,and Shikhakai etc.

HEAD MASSAGE: There are certain techniques in hair massage that specifically focus on the development of roots. By gently pulling at your roots and thoroughly combing your entire hair once in a day you IMPROVE the blood circulation which then helps in growth.

EXPERT ADVICE: You can surely pay a visit to your trusted beauty parlour and Salon where they might give you some hair therapy, suggest you some varied hair spa’s – they actually work if you take the suggested number of sittings advised by the expert.

How you treat your hair on a daily basis also matters. If you want those long tresses that the lead actresses in current daily soaps are flaunting, you need to make some efforts.

Avoid stressing out your hair way too much by using Hair Gels, Hair Spray and Heat Equipment.

Make sure your hairs and especially scalp is clean.

Use Hair Serums for protection.


Eat a balanced diet for your hair needs it.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Hope this article helped you gain some perspective about HOW TO GROW LONG HAIR!