Heart Blockage Treatment Without Surgery

heart blockage treatment without surgery

It is very simple to know by one if their heart is blocked or not. A person who can run long without any breathing issues then it is said to the heart is healthy as the heart is getting enough blood to it. But, if one suffers some kind of a pain in the back, feeling heaviness in the chest, breathing issues etc., then we can say that one has a blockage of more than 70 percent and his heart is getting less than 30 percent of blood its requirement.

On the other hand, if one feels all these troubles during a speed walk or doing something in a hurry, then one is said to have heart blockage of more than 80 per cent, and heart is getting less than 20 percent of the blood of its requirement. If still, one has the issues even in his daily deeds, then he has a blockage of more than 90 percent.

Symptoms of Heart Blocks

The symptoms of heart blocks are as follows:

  • Breathing problem during running or speed walk.
  • Heaviness in the chest, back pain, joint pain, knee pain etc.
  • Feeling troubles during climbing heights.
  • Troubles during climbing steps.
  • If one does smoking it leads to heart blocks.
  • Diet without proper fibre and vegetables will also add up with this.
  • Getting emotional, irritated easily, short temper etc.

All the above symptoms are related to heart blocks. Unfortunately, most of the people are under the impression that the major symptom of heart blocks is chest pain. But it, not the chest pain, chest pain is only seen in a few people in final stages.

Reasons for Heart Blocks

The blockage in the heart is due to the accumulation of toxins. The toxins could be due to unhealthy eating, deposition of fats and are increased after the age of 20 and the toxins due to cell deaths are increased after the age of 40 years. As the person grows old the cholesterol levels rise, triglycerides rise to a high level, personal emotions like over stress, short temper, over anxiety etc. will lead the blockage in heart gradually.

Recent Investigations for Heart Blockage Treatment Without Surgery

Recently a 68-year-old man got a new life by the efforts of the doctors at Apollo Speciality Hospital, Vanagaram, they had opened 100% blocks in three major coronary arteries in his heart recently.

Narayanan was a government service employee, suffered polio as a child, which caused disability in his left leg. So he was sceptical about vein harvesting from his other leg for bypass surgery. Instead, he preferred to take alternative medicine. He had tried many non-invasive treatments at various hospitals, but nothing worked for him. His condition was getting deteriorated and then developed chest pain even if he walked a few metres. He also had breathlessness.

When he had approached Apollo three years ago at that time he had blocked in two blood vessels, the coronary arteries said by Dr Anand Gnanaraj, the consultant interventional cardiologist at the hospital. But, since the patient did not go for surgery, all the three blood vessels got affected. Doctors very carefully removed 100% blocks in a single sitting with angioplasty procedure and inserted stents. Now the patient is relieved of pain. This has happened for the first time in the four southern states,  Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, that three 100% blocks have been removed through angioplasty said by the doctors.

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