Is Social Media a Boon For Improving Psychological Distress

psychological distress

It is very true that communication technologies and social media platforms had helped to maintain good relationships amongst the family members, friends and also with cold people. Not only the healthy relationship but also the mental conditions of people started improving especially in adults. This was studied by Researchers of Michigan State University in the US.

psychological distress

The research team used the data of 2015 and 2016 and found that 63% of the social media users were less likely to fall into the hands of psychological distress, including major depression or serious anxiety.

Studies done on youth were found that they were more concerned with respect to their life stage problems rather than technology use.

Keith Hampton, a professor at Michigan State University said Looking to the anxiety felt by young people today concluded that a whole generation is at risk because of social media ignoring on social changes, such as the lingering effects of the Great Recession, the rise in single-child families, older and more protective parents, more kids going to college and rising student debt.

The researchers found that someone who uses a social networking site is 1.63 times more likely to avoid psychological distress.

The degree to which communication technologies affect psychological distress varies with respect to the type and amount of technologies people and their extended family members utilize.

To transform into the mental health of family members affect the psychological distress experienced by other families, but this can happen only if both family members are connected on a social networking site.

Hampton believed “Today, we have these enduring processes, little bits of information popping up on our cell phones and Facebook nourish our psychological thoughts, and that unending contact might matter for things like mental health.

Psychological Distress: In Our Opinion

Social media can be valuable, as long as we practice self-control. It helps us build connections, maintain friendships and discover new and exciting things. If using a particular social media platform makes you feel self-doubting or unhappy in any way, then take a day off it. Go for a walk, breathe in the fresh air, do everything excluding social media and see how you set out. You know yourself best so you should know what is best for your mental well-being.

No doubt, According to the UK Mental Health Foundation, online technologies can be used to reach the most vulnerable group in the community and also release psychological distress.