Obesity Risks Due to Daily Uses of Smartphones More than 5 Hours

obesity risks due to smartphones

Innovative research had claimed that students who are using their smartphones five or more hours a day are prone to a higher risk of obesity and likely to have other lifestyle problems that would increase the risk of heart disease revealed on July 26, 2019, by a team of Researchers.

In today’s time, smartphones have become an inherent part of our life and grow as a primary source of entertainment also, particularly among the younger generation and this would lead to a decrease in physical activity.

One of the studies was presented at the ACC Latin America Conference 2019, where the side effects of the extensive use of mobile phones came forward. University students who used their smartphones five-plus hours a day had a 43 percent increased risk of obesity and were more likely to have other lifestyle-related problems that lead to an increase in the risk of heart disease.

It is very important for the common man to know and be aware that, although mobile technology is certainly very attractive for its multiple purposes, in portability, information and entertainment sources, comfort, access to innumerable services and also used to improve habits and healthy behaviors said by Mirary Mantilla-Morrón, a cardiac pulmonary and vascular rehabilitation specialist at the Health Sciences Faculty at the Simón Bolívar University in Barranquilla, Colombia, and the lead author of the study.

A lot of time spent with the Smartphone makes one inactive and shows lethargic behaviors. Cutting the time for physical activity leads to an increase in the risk of premature death, heart disease, different types of cancer, osteoarticular discomfort, diabetes, and musculoskeletal symptoms.

Researchers studied 1060 students of the Health Sciences Faculty at the Simón Bolívar University from June to December 2018. The study group comprised of 700 women and 360 men, within the age group of 19 years and 20 years respectively. 36.1 percent of volunteering men resulted in overweight and 42.6 percent more likely to be obese. Whereas in women, 63.9 percent were found to be overweight and 57.4 percent turned out to be obese.

Researchers concluded that the risk of obesity increased due to the consumption of more sugary drinks, fast food, sweets, and snacks and on top of it reduces the physical activity.

The gist of this study highlights that the above-mentioned reason is one of the main causes of physical obesity, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease said by Mantilla-Morrón. She said that she and her team had also determined that the more time spent on smartphones is associated with the increase in the development of obesity.

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