Bhukkadhs Unite: 10 Amazing Cafes in Hudson Lane You Must Visit If You Are a True Foodie!

amazing cafes in hudson lane you must visit

Most all of us loves to eat different kind of foods. If you are also a food lover here are some good food ideas for you. Here is a list of the top 10 cafes in Hudson Lane which provides you the best food.

There are also different cafes in the Hudson Lane with DJ. So here is the list of the top 10 cafes in the Hudson lane:

❒ The Hudson Cafe

The Hudson Cafe


This cafe comes under the category of the most famous cafes of the Hudson lane. The speciality of this Cafe is the Italian and continental cuisine. This place is really important for Pizza lovers as its menu serves a special space for the pizza. You will get a full meal of two within thousand bucks. It is the most popular cafe among the top 10 cafes of the Hudson Lane.

❒ Yolo 21

Yolo 21


This is the best place to visit once in a lifetime because if you do not visit this cafe you surely wasted a lifetime. This cafe is situated near the GTB Nagar metro station. This cafe also offers different Italian and Continental cuisines. This is very popular among the students and one more significance of this cafe is that it is pocket- friendly and the ambiance is also praise- worthy.

❒ For God’s Cake(bakery cafe) 

For God's Cake(bakery cafe) 


You can’t miss this place. For God’s cake is situated in the Hudson lane. It provides you the finest variety of milkshakes and there is one more speciality that is the chocolaty Nutella cheesecake.

❒ Wood box cafe

Wood box cafe


This is one of the finest hookah bars and rooftop cafe in the Hudson lane. The ambiance is quite soothing and this cafe is also very pocket- friendly. The Oreo shake and Ferrero Rocher shake are amazing. It also has a separate space for smoking and it also provides Wi-Fi service.

❒ The Superherocafe

The Superherocafe


This is the most famous cafe among the top 10 cafes of the Hudson lane. The most attractive thing is the wall decor with has comic superheroes images. It is one of the cheapest cafes. They also provides party packs worth Rs.275 per person in which there should be at least 15 persons. They also gives free hookah on a bill of Rs.799.

❒ Spezia Bistro

Spezia Bistro


It is a cafe which is famous not only for food but also for Entertainment. Its ambiance is praise- worthy. It also offers live music, live sports screening, live entertainment. It is the highest rated cafe on the social media sites. It also gives you a free choco truffle cake in any party for free.

❒ Tea Trails Cafe

Tea trails cafe


It is one of the cheapest cafes and is among the top 10 cafes of the Hudson lane. As the name signifies this cafe is famous for tea because it provides a variety of tea and also gives a variety of different things with tea.

❒ Abongchiiz



It is comparatively a newer addition to the Cafes in the Hudson lane. The decor offers a unique sitting arrangement. You can also play several board games like Ludo, Carom etc. It also offers a variety of North Indian, Chinese and continental cuisine at reasonable prices.

❒ Phone BoothCafe


This Cafe is inspired from a phone booth. This is very famous among the young crowd. The main specialities of this Cafe are burger and pizza.

❒ Big Yellow Door Cafe

Big Yellow Door Cafe


This is the most famous cafe which every student of Delhi University knows. The ambiance is very attractive. The decoration is very beautiful. There is a huge umbrella and colourful chairs in the waiting area. The speciality of this cafe is cheese bomb burger, cheesy nacho Mexicana.

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