Sharjeel Imam (CAA Protest Mastermind) Wants to Get “Jinnah Wali Azadi”


Latest News Updates of Anti CAA Protest

The anti-CAA protests at the Shaheen Bagh, which had turned profusely collective, are now getting pushed to different agenda claiming for a second partition. Many videos have gone viral on social media in which Sharjeel Imam, the chief co-ordinator of Shaheen Bagh protest and a columnist of The Wire magazine was seen prompting Muslims of the country to break India by isolating North-east (Assam) from the rest of the country.

Pathetic to know, earlier, ‘Jinnah Wali Azadi’ slogans were raised at Shaheen Bagh which also pointed towards the main agenda of these anti-CAA protests in Shaheen Bagh, which refers to the second partition of India.

In a video which has gone viral now, Sharjeel Imam, the mastermind Of anti-CAA Shaheen Bagh ‘protests’ and The Wire columnist, while speaking to Muslim mobs, said that our main aim is to permanently cut Assam and North-east India from rest of India.

In the middle of these anti national controversial slogans of “Allah-u-Akbar” and “Naara-e-Taqbeer”, an agitated Sharjeel Imam makes a stunning disclosure that the way rallies were organised by Kanhaiya Kumar can be used to instigate 5 lakh Muslims to create riots.

He also added that, If 5 lakhs Muslims come together then we can cut the North-east from rest of India. If not done permanently but at least can cut North-east from India for months. Our task is to cut the Assam from India then Govt will hear our voice. If we have to help the Assam then we will have to cut the Assam from rest of India.

Sharjeel Imam in the video further said that the non-Muslim population of the country should now stand with the demands of the Muslims. We should be provocative in pushing Muslims to spread the fake news. Sharjeel Imam says that we should spread the fake news that Muslims are being discriminated through the Citizenship Amendment Act and are being put into a detention camp.

It is quite surprising that how can a person living in India and using all the resources of India can stab the India, Even the dogs remain faithful to their owners, because they are being served by the owner. In actual the people like Sharjeel Imam if called a dog will be unjustified to the dogs’ community as they are very faithful and trustworthy. So these people are worse than a dog.  Imam continues his fake news spreading that Muslims are being killed in Bengal. “We need to block Assam including the movement of Armed Forces and the supplies.

The Chicken’s Neck or the Siliguri Corridor is a narrow stretch of land of about 22 kilometres located in the Indian state of West Bengal, that connects India’s north-eastern states to the rest of India, with the countries of Nepal and Bangladesh lying on either side of the corridor.

The Siliguri Corridor is one of India’s most important strategic communication lines as it passes through the rail and road networks that feed the primary military formations located in the North East which will counter China during a conflict.

Another video of Sharjeel Imam News has instigated the social media by spreading fake news in the Muslim population of the country and brainwashing them by declaring that they should not focus to the Constitution of the country rather Muslims should believe in change of power, which is very clearly seen in antiCAA Shaheen Bagh Protests .

He had also asked people to spread fake news that Muslims will be put into detention camps. There is an attack on Muslims, not on the Constitution. Constitution keeps on changing. He further added that we all know that what the Court did in the Babri Masjid case, Kashmir issue case. There is no internet from last five months. Is this the Constitution of India? On asking such questions to illiterate Muslims, he had been trying to instigate Muslims against government.

On December 31, 2019, OpIndia had published screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation where Sharjeel Imam had said that he would prefer to burn the constitution, as burning the 1500 page Ayodhya judgement would be difficult. He had said this while planning protests after the historic Ram Mandir verdict was given by the Supreme Court.


Sharjeel Imam News

Sharjeel Imam is a PhD scholar from JNU who was earlier caught discussing regarding burning the constitution one day ahead of the Supreme Court verdict on the long-contested Ram Janma bhooomi-Babri Masjid dispute. Moreover, a video was posted by Facebook group ‘Muslim Students of JNU’ on 14 December 2019 – a day ahead of the Shaheen Bagh protests telling the crowds to block the roads of Delhi. He was seen instigating Muslims saying that Muslims even don’t have that much strength in them to shut down cities of north India.

The dangerous secessionist agenda of Islamists, who are the masterminds of the ongoing anti-CAA riots backed by “liberal-secular” media of the country was also recently exposed in a sting operation by Republic TV.

In an explosive sting, Republic TV had exposed the real intentions behind the Shaheen Bagh ‘protests’ as Sharjeel Imam, the chief conspirator of anti-India propaganda at Shaheen Bagh was caught saying on camera that the original plan was to organise a protest for one day to try and block major roads to attract the ‘western media’.

As the violent protests carried out by the Muslim mobs on the streets of Delhi and Jamia Millia Islamia University failed, few women belonging to Muslim community sat on a protest at Shaheen Bagh and blocked bus stop and a highway causing severe problems to the public of Delhi.


Caa Protest In Shaheen Bagh

It is very important to note that the Shaheen Bagh protests, which were actually passed as an organic protest in a proposal to ‘save the constitution’ later turned deliberately public. It was earlier reported how protestors chanted slogans of “Jinnah Wali Azadi”, exposing the claims of “liberal-secular” media, who had earlier passed of these protests as peaceful.

Later, another Hinduphobic poster came up at the protest site in which the Hindu Swastika was depicted wrongfully and shown crushed by Hindu women in Burkha.

We have to save India by these “Desh Drohi” people, the people like Sharjeel Imam of the Muslim community are spreading fake news amongst the Muslims, unnecessary torturing non Muslim people. These people should be immediately caught and put in prison to protect the masses from getting mind drained by “ill thoughts -Desh Drohi” people and to subside their voices of anti nation slogans.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Vande Mataram Slogans Should Be Spread Widely To Ruin the Anti Nation Slogans of These Desh Drohi People

Want To See Sharjeel Imam Behind the Bars”

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