The Magic of Lady-Finger: 10 Beauty And Health Benefits of This Veggie Will Blow Your Mind

Lady Finger Health Benefits

Beauty hacks with lady finger

Lady finger is a very important green vegetable. It is rich in fibre content and mainly contributes to its benefits. It is highly nutritious and has many health benefits.

Lady Finger Health Benefits 1 Nutrients in Lady Finger (Bhindi)

Nutrients in Lady Finger (Bhindi)

The nutrients that contribute to the benefits of lady finger (Bhindi) are as follows:

  • Dietary fibre (9 %).
  • Folate
  • Pyridoxine
  • Thiamine
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin K
  • Copper, Calcium, and Potassium. As well as Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, and Phosphorus

Lady Finger Health Benefits 2 Weight Loss

Weight Loss

The calorie content in Lady Finger contains is very low (30 kcal / 100 gm), it can be made suitable food for weight loss by all the people. It also keeps one full for longer time as it is rich in high fibre levels.

Lady Finger Health Benefits 3 Helps in Heart Disease

Helps in Heart Disease

Lady finger contains high soluble fibre pectin. It helps in lowering bad cholesterol as well as prevents atherosclerosis. Lady Finger also helps in the removal of deposited cholesterol and clots.

Lady Finger Health Benefits 3 Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels are highly benefitted by the consumption of lady finger (Bhindi), it is obviously because of its fibre content. Eugenol a kind of fibre present in lady finger helps in slowing down digestion and absorption of sugar from the bloodstream. Hence, it helps in maintaining sugar level after the meals and stops from alleviating the blood sugar levels. Its fibre further helps in lowering blood sugar levels.

Lady Finger Health Benefits 4 Improves Digestion

Improves Digestion

The fibre content of lady finger is a boon for gut. It helps in better digestion and regularization of bowels. Pectin swells up in the intestine and helps in easy removal of waste from the intestine. People, those who are suffering from constipation is tremendously benefitted by the consumption of Lady Finger.

Lady Finger Health Benefits 5 Helps in Conception and Pregnancy

Helps in Conception and Pregnancy

Lady finger (Bhindi) is an absolutely essential food for ladies who are trying to conceive. Bhindi contains folic acid/folate. Folate not only helps in conceiving but also helps in the development of the foetus. Bhindi also helps in the prevention of miscarriage. Folate helps in the formation of neural tubes of the foetus.

Lady Finger Health Benefits 6 Improves Immunity

Improves Immunity

Another important benefit of lady finger (Bhindi) is that it contains Vitamin C which helps in improving immunity of the body.

Lady Finger Health Benefits 7 Anaemia


Ladyfinger contains iron and folate and Vitamin K. These nutrients help in treating and avoiding anaemia.

Lady Finger Health Benefits 8 Helps In Prevention of Colon Cancer

Helps In Prevention of Colon Cancer

Like all other high fibre foods, lady finger helps in the prevention of colon cancer. It keeps the digestive system intact as well as supports in functioning of the body properly.

Lady Finger Health Benefits 9 Improves Eyesight

Improves Eyesight

The beta carotene and Vitamin A present in lady finger may be helpful in improving eyesight.

Lady Finger Health Benefits 10 Treatment of Dandruff and Lice

Treatment of Dandruff and Lice

Lady finger is used as a home remedy for dandruff and lice. Cut lady finger horizontally and boil in water, add lemon to this water and use this water for rinsing hair.

Thus, the most of the benefits of lady finger are attributed because of a its rich fibre content.

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