Visit Seaside Finolhu Resort in the Maldives: The Paradise of Lifetime

finolhu resort in the maldives

The Maldives, also called Maldive Islands, in full it is called the Republic of Maldives. It is an independent island country in the north-central Indian Ocean. It consists of a cluster of about 1,200 small coral islands and sandbanks (some 200 of which are inhabited). These islands extend from north to south for more than 820 km and from east to west 130 km. The northernmost coral island is about 600 km south-southwest of the Indian mainland, and the central area, including the capital island of Male (Male’), is about 645 km southwest of Sri Lanka.

The Maldives is the dream vacation of people, it is a beautiful romantic place, people of all ages enjoy the seaside resort the Maldives and the natural beauty is endless. Whether, it’s a passionate experience with the partner, romance with nature, underwater world, palm-fringed beaches, and clear starry skies, or enjoying the first-class luxury. The Maldives remains a great choice for a holiday of a lifetime. 

A Maldivian paradise, the islands are surrounded by overwhelming corals, exotic marine life and blue waters for as far as the eye can see. nestle in this sanctuary, amid the palm-fringed sandy beaches, is the Seaside Finolhu Resort. 

Let us see the true beauty of Maldives and enjoy the Seaside resort in the Maldives:

Travel Destination in Maldives 1 the Luxury Villas


Travel Destination in Maldives 1 the Luxury Villas

Luxury villas consist of an extremely large 125 villas. One can choose any of their choices. These luxury villas are either by the beach, giving one direct access, while some have their own private pool for those sensual night-time swims under the stars. All the resorts have in common the luxurious infra, of comforts, of space and of privacy, for an unforgettable experience.

Travel Destination in Maldives 2 the Water Villas


Travel Destination in Maldives the Water Villas

This would be again an unforgettable experience. Water villas offer an expansive sun deck, an eight meter-long pool, and direct access to the lagoon.

While the Lagoon Villas and Ocean Pool Villas are perfect for families or couples looking to escape, the Two-bedroom Water Villa and the Rockstar Villa equipped with a private wine cellar offers space for larger groups.

Travel Destination in Maldives 3 Beach villas


Travel Destination in Maldives Beach villas

In this stay, one can wake up early to the views of a private garden with the turquoise waters. The Beach Villa, Private Pool Villa, and Two-bedroom Beach Villa with pool are equipped with a bathtub opening onto an outdoor shower. The courtyard creates a sense of privacy, ideal for the lie about in the sun or looking at the stars after dusk.

Seaside Resort in Maldives Stimulates To Spend a Romantic Starry Night

For a unique, romantic experience, Seaside Finolhu commences The Beach Bubble: a transparent inflatable bubble that offers the luxurious comfort of a hotel suite but with seclusion like none other.

The first of its kind in the archipelago, it is located in a secluded spot along Finolhu’s famous Crab Shack sandbank, away from the buzz of the island’s social hub, Beach Club.

Here, one can enjoy unparalleled privacy under a blanket of stars, with the Milky Way painting a beautiful painting in the sky. 

A short traditional Maldivian Dhoni ride will take you from the main island to the Crab Shack. Post a short sunset stroll; one will be escorted to their own private Beach Bubble hideaway.

Here, one will be served a private BBQ with a Maldivian twist before retreating into the cozy private bubble for an unforgettable night under a blanket of endless stars. On waking from this dreamlike experience, one can witness an incredible sunrise, followed by breakfast on the beach.


Seaside Resort in Maldives Encourage One for Dining on the Sea

To Spend a Romantic Starry Night

Each restaurant at Seaside Finolhu offers multiple flavors of tastes and textures that take foodies on a culinary journey. Choose from Baa Baa Beach Diner for regional specialties, Kanusan for a romantic Japanese meal with your partner, BaaHaa Grill for culinary delights from North Africa, and Crab Shack to enjoy the best of island life.


Seaside Resort in Maldives Undergoes Restoration Programme

The resort is committed to the protection of the reefs and marine life on the island, according to the instructions given by UNESCO. Maldives marine biologist works tirelessly on a coral restoration program to help the prospering underwater life around the island. They also actively partner with the live Ridley Project and Manta Trust to ensure the animals that make the Baa Atoll a biosphere reserve are celebrated and protected. The resort has also partnered with Parley for the Oceans to segregate and recycle all the plastic waste into useful items and safeguard the ocean.


The resort is a 30-minute seaplane-flight from Male International Airport or one can take a domestic flight to Dharavandhoo Airport followed by a 20-minute boat ride.

Best Time to Visit

Between November to April

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