10 Best Memories With Our Teachers


Teachers were not our best friends but they were indeed an important part of our lives. They gave us golden memories which we would cherish for keeps. The bitter sweet journey with our teachers in the school was no less than a roller coaster ride. The ride is gone but the memories are intact, no doubt.

Here are the ten best memories with our teachers from the school days :

1. Arguments with them

We all were in the habit of arguing with our teachers, no doubt. No matter how innocent or intelligent you were in the school, you must have talked back to your teacher either for explaining your point or justifying your mistakes. It was very natural for us to cover up for our mistakes. We argued with our teachers in a way that shocked them as well as the students. Do not forget the kudos you received from your friends after that heated argument!

2. Their Punishments

School was all about mistakes, homework, books, mischief and punishments by our teachers. At times, we were served right for our blunders and at other times we just became the scapegoats. Those punishments are memorable and now when you look back at them, you miss your school days! We all do.

3. Morning Wishes

Well, rhyming session can barely be forgotten by anyone. It was the time when teachers used to mock the entire class for singing a song instead of wishing the teacher ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Afternoon’ ma’am. The good old days!

4. Absence of Teacher

We all had prayed for the absence of teacher the day test was scheduled. Yes, and sometimes it worked in our favor. And at times, the teacher appeared from nowhere even after lunch. The misfortune tales are legion with respect to class tests.

5. Pet Dialogues

There were certain favorite dialogues teachers had drilled in their mind. We vividly remember the times when we used to beg for a break in the class. However, the teachers used to serve the same old excuses regarding the amount of syllabus and the less time. Phew!

6. Parent-Teacher Meetings

The most dreadful were the meetings arranged between parents and teachers. Some teachers were too critical of us and used to berate us and tell on us to our parents. The post meeting trauma and torture still rings in the ears clearly.

7. Free Lectures

The absence of teachers lifted the spirits of students like anything. We would luck out with free classes if the teacher used to be in good or bad mood! Hah! The temper of the teachers mattered a good deal.

8. Debates during the school

Who can forget the debates and discussions during school?! Teachers used to assign us the topics. Some of us never participated and some of us leave no stone unturned to impress the teachers.

9. Morning Assembly

A proper queue along with teachers on the side to instruct us was something really wonderful. The sheer discipline and code of conduct started from the morning itself. The master lecture of Principal in the school bored the hell out of us, no?

10. Homework Diary

You won’t hesitate to agree that everybody missed the homework diary at least once in their school life. Yes, even the obedient and sincere ones. The entire craze to attain freedom after those hours in class was something out of the world. We craved the last hours.

Wow, that was life well lived! From class bunks to birthday treats, we have seen it all in our school life. The ego-fights and the jolly hugs made and shaped our days. Teachers played an important role in shaping who we are today.