10 Life Decisions You Are Going To Regret Forever

Life decisions

Everyone’s life is filled with a constant stream of decisions. You have to be very particular about your life decisions. Some life decisions are not that important but some life decisions are very important that can haunt us forever. Everyone has made choices and life decisions that they came to regret at some point in life. When it comes to a career, we cannot afford to make wrong life decisions and choices.

Life Decisions

Here are some of the career choices and life decisions that you might regret forever –

Working Too Hard

Working too hard does not pay. Instead, focus on working smart, so you don’t have to give all you have to for your job. Life is not about your job or how hard you work. If you can’t make time to be with your kids because you are busy you’ll retire a very sad person. Don’t work too hard and forget about your family, friends, and networks. You may think making time for these people is wasting time, but in truth, you are setting yourself up for the biggest fail of your life.

Not having a hobby

In your 40s, you will not have as much leisure time anymore to focus on something frivolous like a hobby. Do it now while you have free time still on your side, and you’re not shirking any responsibilities by spending a weekend building model airplanes or thumbing through crates of vinyl records at some dusty used record store. If your hobbies are already established or set, it will be easier to go back to in your 40s when you get some unexpected free time.

Not listening to your parents

Parents are not always wrong. In fact, they may be right about more things than you had like to admit. It’s too easy to lash out at our parent’s advice just because we resent being told what to do. But, everything you are experiencing now, everything you are about to experience in the future, your parents have already been down that road earlier. Gaining from their wisdom is not a sign of defeat, it’s proof that you’re smart enough to take their counsel.

Getting Married Too Soon

However, Marriage is a very personal life decision, But, just so you’re going in with all the facts, statistically divorce is 50 percent less likely if you get married at 25 rather than 20. The divorce rate decreases incrementally as you move into your 30s and 40s. Which is not to say you will definitely be getting divorced if you get married by your 20. But there’s definitely a value to taking it slow and working on making sure your relationship is solid before rushing to the marriage.

Choosing Not To Say You’re Sorry.

Everyone makes mistakes, so everyone has things they need to apologize for. It could be for any reason for your words, for actions, for omissions, or for failing to step up. You should always learn to say sorry and apologize for your mistakes. You should always swallow your fear or pride and say you’re sorry. Then you’ll help the other person let go of their bitterness or resentment.

Holding On To Grudges

Get some practice in forgiving people, stop holding on to grudges for too long, Even if in your heart you know you are in the right and the other person knows they don’t deserve a second chance. It’s hard, but learn to be a bigger person. When you develop the emotional muscles that help you forget and forgive, you will become more equipped to have healthy relationships that last well into, and well beyond, middle age.

Not Staying in Touch with Friends

When one is forming a more stable relationship with someone, the most common tendency is that you spend more time with that person and less with your friends. Keep one thing always in your mind that friends will always be with you, and your partner may not.  Friendship requires some care, stay available to your friends; they know they can count on you. Not staying in touch with your friends could be the worst life decisions of yours.

Eating Too Much Junk

It’s fun to eat all that delicious food and sugar and especially when you’re young, it seems to slide right through you without more than the occasional stomachache. Lifestyle choices you make in your 20s can impact your heart health in your 40s. The less junk you put in when you are 20, the less likely you are to be a patient for diabetes and heart disease when you are 40.

Acting like a Jerk on Social Media

You might lose your job, as a study found that 70 % of employers check social media before hiring someone. Posting everything on social media means you are leaving a permanent record of your past that could leave you cringing for many years to come and could be your worst life decision. However, some of the pictures and comments will be there forever, just waiting to be discovered by your spouse or by your kids or, worst of all, you.

Not Expressing Your True Feelings

Men had the biggest problem with this regret as men from that era were taught to not show emotion and feel nearly as much as todays. But holding your emotions internally is eating away at you. If you’re feeling something, communicate it to the people who need to hear it. The last thing you want is to end up not getting through what you meant to say to someone so close to you. Not expressing your feelings to someone could be the worst life decision.