7 Things that women find attractive in men

7 Things that women find attractive in men
7 Things that women find attractive in men

Woman are one beautiful creation of god which generally people complain are very confusing but this might not be true every time, may be your approach to attract them be wrong. Here are simple do and don’t that might help you in attracting a woman of your life.

Height and looks

In the research done at various universities with different women it was found that women tend to get attracted to men taller than them. All the features that give a man more masculine looks makes them attractive to women.Well,some researchers believe women like taller and more masculine looksbecause this gives them a feeling of being protected,althoughthis reason seems to be baseless in modern time but still looks and height do matter.

A deep voice

A deep voice of men attracts a lot of women, they feel the man to be more masculine and powerful and it is believed that the man with deep voice proves to be more trustworthy in comparison to the other men.

Good sense of Humor

This is one proven thing and has been agreed by maximum women that the men with good sense of humorattract them more as this is considered as the sign of being both intellectual and social intelligent. Well, noscientificreason behind it except that a person with good sense of humor can help you cheer up and keep calm at the adverse situations.

Leadership and managerial skills

Well these two skills not only help in your professional life but are equally important in your personal life. Women in today’s era are educated and mostly working so generally they prefer guys who are organized themselves and can also help their partners in managing house when required, becauseit’s said that managing house is no less than managing a company. So, if you are a good manager you are likely to have a huge Female fan following.

Listen to them

Woman always wants to be listened, felt and respect for her thoughts. Nowa day you can often read many jokes trending on this topic but this is a fact only if taken positively, women are attracted to people who listen to them, they don’t want you to sit for the entire day with them, may be for 30mins of chit chat may do it’smagic. Sit with her and ask herabout herentire day,share yours and laugh with her, make her feel valued and respected.

Too tired to shave attitude

Well, if you are too lazy to shave then do not worry too much because in the recent research it is found that most of the women love half shaved guys, reason seems not to be that scientific rather is more psychologically related but having short stubble is generally considered as the sign of being confident, bit aggressive and it gives a more masculine and dominant look. So,this time if you are feeling lazy for shave, nothing to worry just walk with confidence.


This another talent is required in every field of life may be also to attract the opposite sex and works for both men and women. Generally, it is said that woman love man who follows her instruction, this is extremely wrong, because women probably are attracted to those guys who have the confidence in them to say No to anything which is wrong and sometimes may guide them in doing things right.