Best Views about the Resolution of New Year

New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution: The word Resolution stands for taking a firm decision to do something beneficial. If possible make a resolution on special days of your life on New Year’s Day, on your birthday, when celebrating your wedding anniversary, on festivals, went on a pilgrimage, etc.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Give up Poor Habits

Resolve that you will let go of ill habits that harm you the most like consuming hard drinks, smoking, gambling, needless spending, anger, jealousy, etc.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Adopt Good Qualities

Resolve to adopt good qualities that are most important to you such as time management, positive thinking, savings, etc.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Complete Unfinished Work,

Resolve that you will stop postponing the task and will complete all pending work. Postponing waste time and uses up a lot of positive energy. Ignoring unfinished tasks leads to a restless mind that is constantly burdened by the thought of having to complete the task. The moment pending work gets completed the suppressed energy in the body gets released and the feeling of achievement is gained.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Take Sound Decisions

Try not take decisions in hurriedness, some people have a habit of taking the most important decisions very quickly without consideration and without caring for results then problems arise when their decisions turned to be wrong in the future and at that time they have no choice left except to repent.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Use Wisdom Power Banks for Thinking

Many times when we take decisions emotionally then in such a situation our mind loses the power of Thinking and understanding and then whatever decision we take turns out to be wrong. Try not to take any important decisions when too excited or emotional, instead try to take important decisions with patience and by not being swayed by emotions of sentiments.

New Year’s Resolution

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Become Ego Less

Avoid ego to come in between while taking decisions sometimes with the interferences of ego a small problem becomes a big problem otherwise it could have been easily solved. We make it an issue of defeat and victory. Because of the presence of ego, we sometimes take such decisions for which we repent later. So don’t let your Ego interfere with your capabilities.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Have the Self Remote Control

Promise not to take any decisions by asking others. It is usually seen that people avoid taking decisions themselves and instead ask others, what they should do. They do so because they do not want to accept the responsibility of the results. The first and most important thing to consider here is that no one knows your problems better than yourself, second, you may get mislead because people may give you wrong advice due to their own interest or may misguide you out of jealousy. Be self-dependent and decide for yourself how you want things to be in your life.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Be Flexible in Decisions

One should not be stubborn while taking decisions. After taking one decision if you wish to change at any spot of time then do not hesitate to change your decision and take a new one. This should not make you feel ashamed or make you think about what people will say about you. Actions corrected and taken on time always yield better results than delayed and inflexible actions.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Be Cool and Calm

One should not take a resolution in anger, the decision taken in anger has been found to be incorrect most of the time. So always be cool and then take out the solutions, which will always be fruitful and productive.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Develop Good Habits

When we change ourselves then we can change our surroundings along with it. First, we make our habits and then habits make us. Whenever we do something regularly for up to 21 days it becomes our habit. Develop habit that strengthen you and build your personality some of such habits are be punctual, keep your work complete, the work that has been started by you do your work with interest, be happy, be excited, drink 2 to 4 glasses of water early in the morning, Sprinkle your eyes with the mouth filled with water, clean your place every day, press your jaws while defecating, etc. After the accomplishment of one habit proceed to the next. Slowly as you proceed from one habit to the next, you will realize that each habit gradually becomes a part of your life and that you do not require any extra effort to maintain it. By applying this method in one year you will have developed many good habits that will slowly become a part of your life as well as contribute to overall success in life.

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