Dear Fiancé, Here Are 10 Things I Won’t Change About Myself After Getting Married!

Things I Won't Change About Myself After Getting Married

Dear Hubby,

I am tingling with the ecstasy of the thought of us being together forever now and in annex to the elation of my “dream come true”; I also want to put forth a means to a No-Change-Me, post our marriage.

So, here is a list of 10 things I won’t change about myself after getting married!


Your, doting wife!

1. I won’t alter my affection towards you

As wives, we are always taught to behave decently in public, but I am solemnly sorry to have to be against it as I by no means will I ambush you with hugs and kisses, irrespective of the place we are. So gear up!

2. No concealing of my child-innocence

We already deal a lot by behaving like those matured and grown up individuals in our personal as well as our professional lives. But sorry, I can’t continue the same agonizing fakeness with the person I love the most! So, be prepared for my happiness from the little things, my shrieks out of excitement,my long date plans, my tantrums for my birthdays and our anniversaries and a lot more to come!

3. My evergreen Love for surprises

The love for my delight towards the random surprises is limitless and never bound to cease. So, keep yourself well aware of it and present me with the bunch of flowers or plan a surprise trip for me! Okay? Yokeez!

4. No altering of the equation with my dear ones

Well, to be honest, I hold a very special place for my special ones, besides you and they are my family and my friends. So, please don’t ever adrift me from them. Rather I would love you to meet them and be an even bigger part in my Big world!

5. I won’t change the way I look at you

Despite the successive addition of the years to our marriage, I won’t ever change the way I look at you. You hail a tickle and an undefined plunge of emotions in me, when I glance at you! All I know is you are an absolute bundle of magic, who has casted his spell upon me and trust me; I would forever be bound with it! Love you!

6. I won’t change my dedication towards my work

As we know, we both have our individual aspirations and dreams and I promise, I won’t alter that priority in my life, just like it’s in yours and finally, I know we both are going to kill it!

7. I will hand over the TV remote by my will

I want to make it really clear, that you will be marrying a TV addict, so this idiot-box devotee or junkie, as you might call me, isn’t going to handover the TV remote by your will but by mine! I hope that’s pretty clear!

8. I will not change anything about the game night

Umm… Well game night, is quite competitive, where we stand against each other like opponents and as I am a quite ambitious lady, who absolutely loves winning. You, know, who’s gonna win right!

9. I won’t become diplomatic

I am always as I am and you will never receive anything diplomatic from my end, by sounding politically precise. I will be 100% honest and true to you about my opinions, I promise.

10. I will never change the love I have in my heart for you

Well, technically the love will swell with the passing time, so it is bound to change, but not towards the decline but towards the progress is all I wanted to state.