Friendship Day: Honouring The Bond of Friendship

Friendship Day

Friendship Day: Life is not as simple as it seems and nobody can live this life alone. There are many people around you whom you share your relationship. These relationships lead you to live your life with sweet and bitter memories.  We have many relationship in our life and each one is important but friendship is one of the amazing and incredible among them.  There is enough literature which tells the importance of friendship. There are many mythological story and characters which shows how important are friendship in life.

Happy Friendship Day

History of friendship day

We know the value of friends in our life, so considering the importance of friends the United States congress has decided in 1935 that every first Sunday comes in month of august will be celebrated as the National Friendship Day. Now this has become an annual celebration in the world. This gracious concept of honouring the divine relationship of friendship has become popular all over the world. The popularity of friendship day has been captured by other countries and now it is celebrated across the globe that also includes India.

Why it has Become Important to Celebrate Friendship Day

The upcoming first Sunday of August 2017 people especially youngsters involve themselves in the event of friendship day. This day definitely preserve deep significance for every person who wants to make their friends day special. People who their love for their friends by tying friendship band on the wrists of their friends. It is a great way to celebrate with their friends and make them feel that they have an important role in our life. This year 2017 the friendship day is falling on 06th August. There is no different point in that there is huge importance of friends in our life. We have so many relationships, we have a family, but sometime we need a true companion whom we can share our sorrow, happiness, problems and other things.  Sometime there is something which we cannot share with our family and at that point of time friend is the most important person in our life as we can share with him/her without any hesitation. To find a true friend is difficult but if you have true friends then you are certainly the richest person in the world.

True friends always stood for us in any kind of circumstances, even they play role of our second family. They scold us like our parents when we do anything wrong, they love us like our siblings. They support us every time even when we are in wring tack they try to escape us from that situation. To celebrate friendship day is a great way to honour them because friends are the only one who are always with us. They guide us, they give us happiness and all the great things in life, They motivate us when we get depressed. Therefore isn’t it nice if we celebrate this friendship day and dedicated this day for them so that they can understand that how important place they have in our life.