How Long can a Friends with Benefits Relationship Last?

friends with benefits

Friends with benefits! Let me tell you guys friends with benefits is likely the most complicated relationships in the history of love and life. What being friends with benefits is? It’s when two friends expand their friendship beyond the limits of being platonic. I am not saying that is doesn’t work at all, however, there are a few rules and preceding all of them is mandatory to literally make it successful and keep it exciting all along.

Keeping assumptions is not a good thought!

Prior to going ahead, probably the complete relationship spins around sex. He or she comes over when you are moody (subjecting if they want to). It is not just limited to going on dates or spending quality time with each other and definitely not the “lite version” of relationship.

Jointly agree to not entangle things!

Be sure that you don’t make things spooky as long as you are into this friend with benefits arrangement. Additionally, it provides you an easy take to one’s heels route when you really are not into him/her anymore.

Pick a person you wouldn’t want as a notable other!       

Basically, a person who is into it for the sake of physical outlook. Neither do they really look you as an intended girlfriend/boyfriend nor does any kind of emotional connection. Or to place in simple words, an aroused sleazeball. You stress about being ignorant but that’ all that friends with benefits are about.
You wouldn’t want to do this, right? You don’t have to fall in love anyway.

You get a feeling of being used!

Although it’s not your fault, many times you feel like an escort, being called or asked only as per the convenience of that person. It could affect your ego and lowers your dignity too. But at the end of the day, you must know it’s not about sex and just disagree (Say no) keeping your emotions aside when you are ready for it.

Restrict the intimacy to the sex

Yes, you heard it right. Try to restrict those astonishing moments to the steam in the bedroom. That means no messaging asking about the day, no grant to your movie collection and no breakfast the next morning. While you leave, endure a kiss and say bye. Take oneself off just like friends do, “See you later, friend!”

Revive your sex life

Beginning with something boring in bed and you need is something more? Try out various and exciting ways to amuse each other. How about getting down and dirty and trying all those things you have enchanted about?

Don’t let it last for longer than 3 months

No doubt, you can go friends with benefits for a lifetime or it can be limited to a short week too. Try to hold a cap of 3 months before you hit a breaking point and revaluate what actually you want from life. This relationship is as indefensible as junk food, where are you going to get up next to a toxic cheeseburger (imaginative) and wonder what’s next now?        

Last goodbye hurts!

Yes, it is awkward and moving on will be the best option for both of you at present. Try to not push yourself about whatever either of you is feeling. You can feel bad or cry even, but that mind-blowing sex would be totally worth it if you were able to make it so far. Just recall all the beautiful times of these arrangements you had instead of being negativity and thinking about the other mistakes. Be easy about it. If both of you liked it equally, then you guys just might have your happy Hollywood ending.

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