How to Develop Discipline In A Child : Best Ways to Teach Kids Self Discipline Skills

how to develop discipline in a child

How to Develop Discipline in a Child

A child is very innocent and delicate in every aspect. Prevent divergence of the child in wrong habits. To care for the child does not only mean loving them and understanding their requirements but also being vigilant about their activities and preventing behavioral characters. During childhood pay attention to the habits of the child like abusing, fighting with elders, quarreling, stealing etc. Don’t ignore the bad habits of the child make him understand properly by telling him the examples or story.

Best Parenting Tips 1 Discourage Bad Habits through Love and Affection

Discourage Bad Habits through Love and Affection

Give love to the child in every situation but don’t encourage him, when he makes mistakes tell him that you love him very much, but you don’t like his bad habits and at times punishment might be necessary, if he does not comply. First of all parents should change their own habits, if they are also carrying the same habits because child gets these habits from his family members, these bad habits can be easily removed in the beginning. As children are easier to mould and change, if the child’s bad habits are not discouraged in the beginning then it becomes difficult in the future as he becomes habituated to it. A child is like clay which can be molded in any way by the potter, but, once it is made fully, its shape cannot be changed later.

Best Parenting Tips 2 Encourage Discipline through Rewards

Encourage Discipline through Rewards

Encourage the child whenever he/she does commendable work, like doing well academically or performs well in games or any other work in social gatherings, then praise and reward him and encourage him. Encouragements have the power to push one to do better. Encourage the child to ask questions, so that, their curiosity may be satisfied and their knowledge about many things will be resolved. Give them a chance to put forward their point of view, they must feel that their opinion is considered valuable, when the child helps one or other people, then praise him and show physical affection, this encourages him to be helpful and also will do good deeds. It is very important to praise the child for his good work and encourage him for that.

Best Parenting Tips 3 Develop Disciplinary Attitude through Characters

Develop Disciplinary Attitude through Characters

Formation of character especially strong characters for morality in a man provides him courage when the child faces problems. Character formation and education of moral values should start early in a child. Simply giving righteous advices and more instructions have no effect, till they are accompanied by actions. Children have the tendency to imitate and they make idols of their parents or nearest ones. On the basis of all that a child’s character is developed.

  • If the child lives in environment of constant criticism, he learns to criticize everything.
  • If the child lives in an environment of praise then he learns to appreciate.
  • If the child leaves in an environment of hostility then he learns to be defensive and aggressive.
  • If the child in an environment of tolerance then he Learns to be patient.
  • If the child lives in environment of ridicule then he will become shy and introverted.
  • If the child lives in an environment of encouragement then he learns to be confident.
  • If the child lives in an environment of shame then he learns to always feel guilty.
  • If the child lives in an environment of approval then he learns to lie and appreciate himself and his abilities.
  • If the child lives in an environment of fairness then he learns to be faithful.
  • If the child lives in an environment of security then he learns to feel secure and trust people.
  • If the child lives in an environment of acceptance and friendship then he learns to find love in the world as the thoughts so will be the character.

Best Parenting Tips 4 Adopt a Liberal Attitude

Adopt a Liberal Attitude

Adopt a liberal attitude, children like all human beings make mistakes but they should never be beaten or scolded, but try to get them to learn something from their mistakes, they must be encouraged to rectify their mistakes and acquire new ideas in their mind, they must be taught how to face challenges and how to tackle the problems, if the same situation happens again a second time. If the parents show the child the right path whenever he makes mistakes then he can rectify his mistakes easily.

Best Parenting Tips 5 Learn to Understand Child’s Thoughts

Learn to Understand Child’s Thoughts

Generally the parents ignore the talks and thoughts of the child, however, this is wrong. Parents should understand how their child thinks on a particular topic and what the direction of his intention is by doing so, you can help him in recognizing the right facts and help make his approach positive whenever the child talks to you, listen to him carefully and try to understand his ideas, it will increase his self confidence.

Best Parenting Tips 6 Convert Child’s Weaknesses into His Strength

Convert Child’s Weaknesses into His Strength

Always appreciate all the work completed by the child and praise his hard work this makes the child happy and he tries to do much better in the future, contrary to this if you try to find mistakes in their work all the time then they get stressed. Encourage the power, work efficiency and capability of the child and if possible try to help change his weaknesses into his strength.

Best Parenting Tips 7 Building a Strong Base of Ethics

Building a Strong Base of Ethics

In children ethics play an important role in overall development of the child. Strong ethics form a base for development of good character and personality. Teach your children to respect their elders to respect elders is one of the most important moral values, this is only possible when you yourself respect your elders. Also do tell your child the importance of loving their younger siblings and caring for them. Encourage the child from time to time and tell your child that he will be lovable to everyone if he loves his younger brother or sister and cares for them, teach him that respect and love always exist when we give love and respect to others.

Best Parenting Tips 8 Teaching Moral Values

Teaching Moral Values

Most of the time, the mother is the teacher for her child, from the time of birth till he joins a school for preschool. Though children are mentally and physically delicate but they are curious. Children want to know about everything around them give them suitable answers and satisfy their curiosity as much as you can teach them about the importance of cleanliness, sanitation, courtesy, virtuous behavior, truthfulness, honesty, hard work, right moral values, self-reliance, discipline etc. with proper examples, from the time of childhood itself. With the help of legends and stories you can introduce them to the history of the country, community and religion, culture etc. tell them about the life stories of great personalities, other talented children, heroes who sacrificed their lives for the country, virtuous women as well as about festivals like bhaiya dooj and Raksha Bandhan etc.

Best Parenting Tips 9 Inculcating Habit of Reading Good Books

Inculcating Habit of Reading Good Books

Children also learn many things from reading books, it is the duty of parents to get them suitable books, by reading which they can learn good values and develop and achieve their goals. Teach our precious traditional culture and accomplishments to the children, so that younger generations may not be deprived of them. Any education is not complete, till the child learns to respect his country. Tell the child that the country is like the home in which he lives in. As said before children get a lot of their knowledge from the behavior of their parents and are very much affected by them, so by adopting good behavior, manner and thoughts and by giving adequate means for development, we can make the child honest.

Best Parenting Tips 10 Developing Respects for Others

Developing Respects for Others

For this the child should get complete freedom for his work and undertakings. The child should have the firm faith, that even after making a mistake the parents will still love him and if they punish him, it is for his own welfare, tell the children about the importance of the simple works of Charity from the beginning show children the wonder of nature and teach them to appreciate it. Teach the elder child that the responsibility for his younger sibling lies on him and teach the youngest child also to respect his elder sibling.

“Children Are Soft Clays Mould It the Way One Wants Till They Become Hard Clays”

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