International Day of Rural Women

International Day of Rural Women
International Day of Rural Women

This day is celebrated on October 15th of every year, to earmark the importance of the rural women in the society.

This year’s theme is “Challenges and opportunities in climate-resilient agriculture for gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls.” Rural women are witnessed to be in the worst condition, when compared to the rural men as well as the urban women in the society.

This features the essential role of the women for the upliftment and betterment of the society including the number of women, participating for the development of the agriculture, rural household, eradicating poverty, improving the food facilities, working towards the welfare of the community and for the better livelihood of an individual.

The importance of this day was marked by the UN general assembly by passing the resolution of 62/136 in December 2008. They believed that to fulfill the “Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs), the upliftment of the rural section is very essential, which constitutes the priority, being the rural women in order to eradicate poverty, hunger, achieve equality for all woman and girls, eradicate poverty etc.

It is believed that rural women make up almost a quarter of the world’s population, whose livelihood and progress depend solely on the agricultural sector. Thus, women are believed to be the bearers of the produce, progress and the preparation of this sector. Hence, they help in providing the food security to the world. The day is celebrated with gratitude for their selfless work!