Issues And Challenges Of Indian Education

Issues And Challenges Of Indian Education
Issues And Challenges Of Indian Education

Education is the first priority for any society who wants to be civilized and developed. Every year we see that there are an ample number of colleges and schools are being opened in various part of India but if we talk about the efficiency of the education system in India then we have not yet achieved satisfactory outcomes. There are various issues and challenges within the Indian education system which we will know.

Lack of Practical knowledge

We have often observed that in our schools and colleges theoretical Knowledge is likely to be adopted but there is sheer ignorance of practical knowledge. Our education has become the statics of marks and numbers rather than giving efferent knowledge to make a student aware of real life circumstances. To make better education system in India it is always indeed the requirement of having practical and skill-based education in colleges and schools.

Deficiency of Entrepreneurship Development Programs.

In the university and schools students are prepared for job seeker it means that majority of students have aimed to get to good 9 to 5 jobs. Nobody has the objective to be a successful businessman or job creator. The mindset of students is restricted to the job, they don’t want to take the business opportunity. The deficiency of Entrepreneurship capabilities is hampering the development our country in many sectors. Our education system must encourage the business development skills in students so they can step out to become a businessperson in different fields including designing, scientists, research analysts, global thinkers, leaders etc. The day when we understand the value of Entrepreneurship Development Programs, nobody can stop our country to become a superpower.

Lack of personality development program:

This is also one of the challenges faced by Indian education system. Colleges and schools are concerned about number games they don’t give attention to the personality development program for the students. When a student steps out top seek any job they face many problems and the lack of personality development becomes a major problem of the student. A company wants a skilled employee with the active personality which can handle any kind of situation in the organization and for that only marks are not sufficient you need to know that the body language and analytical approach of the student are also must. It is highly important for schools and colleges to conduct personality development programs to upgrade the standards of education.

Absence of Critical Analysis and Research

It is necessary for a student who is seeking a job to attend problem-solving projects so that he/she can improve upgrade analytical skills. When they solve problems solving projects with the help of their creativity and research, they will build strength in their working style. We are one of the leaders in providing engineering students but there is lack of innovation and creativity. Schools and colleges must pay attention to the creativity, innovative and analytical skills of their students and prepare their personality to grab any kind of opportunity. Rease4rch based study helps a lot to compete with unfavorable situations.

Caste Reservation and Money Oriented Seats

In so many colleges and schools, there are many seats reserved for reserved caste and rich people. As far as the education system is concerned it must give equal opportunity to every student whether he is general or another caste. Moreover, if the seat is reserved for rich students then how can a deserving candidate can get admission. he/she failed to get admission because of lack of money or become a general caste. This concept should reconsider an amendment for the betterment of students as well as Indian education system.