Lifestyle Myths To Be Busted During Monsoon!

Monsoon lifestyle tips


The sound of raindrops on the roof, the smell of wet soil, the washed trees and shining green leaves, the taste of fresh mangoes and other seasonal fruits, the slow music, the smell of pakoras, and that feeling of rain bringing new life are all what we get when the monsoon arrives, and all we want is to regenerate the energy.

As the monsoon is a long season in India, it brings a change of season and a major change in environment, which affects nature as well as our bodies, minds, lifestyle, and daily routine. Indians are really good at adjusting themselves to the respective weather conditions. As the internet and social media are loaded with monsoon food recipes, health, beauty, skincare, and lifestyle tips, there are some myths related to the monsoon that people believe and also start to follow without any accurate knowledge or guidance.

Monsoon lifestyle tips

Here are some of the myths of the monsoon:

Showers after getting wet in the rain can be harmful.

Myth: What is the need for taking another shower when you already took one by standing in the rain and enjoying the weather? OR What’s the point of taking a bath when you don’t even feel sticky or sweating because it’s raining outside? Indian people have such questions popping up in their minds in the monsoon, but what is right matters the most. Should you take a shower after returning home or avoid it to save yourself from getting sick?

Real Fact: Whether it’s a hot summer or a breezy monsoon, dust and bacteria are always around us as we live in polluted cities. The rain multiplies the effects of pollution. It brings certain bacteria, microbes, and viruses. Always take a bath after coming home from the rain. Use an anti-bacterial soap or shower gel and keep your body dry to avoid fungal infections.

Monsoon lifestyle tips

Skincare is not necessary in the monsoon.

Myth: People say hydrating your skin or doing skincare in the monsoon is unnecessary as it can do no change to your skin. There is no need to buy skincare products during the monsoon.

Real Fact: Rain, humidity, or having oily skin doesn’t mean your skin is hydrated. The reality is that skin needs moisture and hydration in the rain too. Using correct skin products that suit your skin will prevent excess oiling. You can take gel moisturisers and just dab them on your skin gently, which will keep your skin flawless the whole day.

Monsoon lifestyle tips

Do not wash your hair too much in the monsoon. It can cause hair fall, and you can fall sick too!

Myth: People often say monsoons cause extreme hairfall, dry hair, and an itchy scalp. It is also said that hair releases excess oil in the monsoon. But these all conditions are not related to rain.

Fact: Stickiness and itchiness are not related to rain. Both can persist in humid and moist weather. So do a good head massage by using a quality hair oil and washing it gently, or you can take a salon wash too.

Skip Makeup during the rain.

Myth: Makeup should be avoided during the rain, as this season brings pimples and breakouts.

Fact: Pimples and breakouts tend to surface in the rainy season, but it is not because of the monsoon but because of the humidity in the air. Humidity does exist in summers too, and people still do makeup, so it can be done in monsoons too. You can do minimal makeup with quality products.

Monsoon lifestyle tips