Best Mind Games for Children to Boost Thinking Capability

mind games for children

Making your kids understand the value of energizing the mind is always upward. Looking at them exhausted in the controversial cartoons like Doremon might make you fear but what else can you do? When you ask them to be productive, they easily protest with their lovable voices declaring that if have completed their homework, why should they work extra? Now, this is a rational appeal and even the moms with dependability would feel slight pain. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you give up thinking that you’ve lost the war or insist them to do something they don’t wish to. The answer lies in indulging your kids to strengthen their brains using joyful activities in the form of games.

Why brain games are essential for kids?

Brian games(mind games for children) encourage the brain and help your child think in extraordinary ways to resolve a problem. The brain requires its own form of motivation to improvise on areas such as creativity, problem-solving and analytical thought processes. What the best part is that kids are possibly to be open to the idea of playing games over reading books.

Mind games for children to boost thinking

Hide and seek

This is one of the most famous games(mind games for children) among kids all over the world. It is useful to improve analytical skills in the children. Also, it supports the young development mind to differentiate between viable hiding spots from a bad one.


The game is interestingly hit for almost all ages and is well known to catch the decline of brain function in elder people. It contains a grid with a few numbers on it and the rest is blank. The purpose of this game is to complete the missing numbers. It might look simple but the downside is that you can’t repeat the same number in the same column or row. The deciding feature of this game is that it dares your child to think a few steps ahead and can support in planning.

Word hunt

This is another appealing game that comprises flashcards along with pictures and requires to be combined with the equivalent word that explains it. For instance, a picture of the butterfly is on the flashcard. Now your kid will have to look for a picture with the word flower, for e.g. blue. You can have flashcards with multiple categories like birds, flowers, animals, household utensils and etc. This game is more influential for kids with 5 years of age or more who are still in the process of learning(mind games for children) new words. It not only allows them to remember names but also the words related to the items.

Creating Puzzles

Puzzles are a great unorganized activity as your kid’s eagerness will them indulged with the game. Making puzzles help the brain to develop more as they boost a child’s structural reasoning and hand-eye synchronization.

Games on Board

Board games such as “Snakes and Ladders”, chess, Othello and Monopoly are all great as they assist in understanding your child’s abilities. Like does your child cry or act like a loser? Is your child stays patient and waits for the turn? You can get to know about all these skills if you play with them and also if anytime needed, you can make them teach to lose sophisticatedly and win with modesty.

Blue block

This is a mobile game (mind games for children) that has an engrossing backstory to stay your kid entertained. The purpose is to release the Blue dragon by repositioning the blocks in a way that reaches the exit. Your kid learns that brute force isn’t always an option and easy reasons can make their action uncomplicated.

❍ Purely sharper kid

This game uses auditory cues that are supposed to be recollected in the right order. It is designed with an objective to develop and improvise short term and long term memory as well. No supervision from parents is needed for this game

❍ Lumosity

A scientifically designed game by neuro-physical researchers for the superlative functioning of the brain. It consists of around 60 tasks that evaluate your kid’s attention, memory, reaction, and flexibility. The user articulation has been designed exquisitely, blending science and art into a film-packed brain maturing game.

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