Why Should Mothers Find Good Teacher For Their Children?

Why Should Mothers Find Good Teacher For Their Children
Why Should Mothers Find Good Teacher For Their Children

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” ― Abraham Lincoln

This quote is a true depiction of the power, a mother holds in our world!

MOTHER- A true nurturer of life!

There’s this famous saying “Charity begins at home”; this means that the kids get versed with their primary things, the baby steps towards a bigger version of “survival”, from their respective homes!!

Home is a place, from where the kids grab most of their habits, be it good, bad or both!

I have a niece, who’s five years old. Her parents are both working! She’s left around with a babysitter for almost like eight to nine hours a day. Her babysitter keeps her engaged by putting out certain videos for her of rhymes, good habits etc, as told to do so.

One day when they came to our place for lunch, we all noticed some strange, really ill-mannered behavior in her. She had now transformed into very adamant, arrogant and mannerless child!!

She discarded anything if she didn’t like it, threw tantrums, refused to greet or apologize, hit her parents when they scolded her etc!!

We were shocked, wondering, from where she was picking out all these habits. Both her parents had been really worried about her behavior, but never managed to take their time out and scrutinize the reason behind it!

Finally, they found her a good teacher, who stayed with her, taught her, instilled good habits in her, and played with her. In short! A temporary mother, nurturing the child! Today, she is a good mannered child!!

Nowadays, as almost 75-80% women are working, they are very short of time to pull off everything under the sun! , including the office work, house chores, kids, in-laws, husband, cooking and what not!!

Out of all the above, the quintessential one’s are the kids- the future of our nation!

Since, the mothers today, are busy loading and unloading their lives, it becomes very difficult for them to pay attention to their kids. Hence, the requirement of a good teacher in order to partially compensate her presence arises.

Finding a good teacher brings out two things:

The students are bound to their moral values and ethics under their guidance.

The students pick out only the right habits, under a good teacher’s influence.

A Good teacher is nothing of the ilk with an educated one! She’s the one, who imbibes in them the right values to be a good human being!

Education holds no importance unless you are a good human being!

A CEO of the company, who’s selfish, haughty and arrogant, will never be respected but on the other hand, a simple chai waala, who’s helpful and kind, will always be!

Our reason for existence lies in the “Good”, we possess! Not by the number of degrees, we stash!

Also, kids nurture their roots at school, so schools play a vital role, in shaping the children. Teachers in the schools must keep a vigilant eye on the children and must correct them persistently when they are wrong!

Hence, it is necessary to get a hold on a good teacher, who can be blindly trusted on, to teach your children what ought to be taught!

As the children are the eventual bearers of the nation!! Proper shaping them today, will give them a brighter tomorrow!