Things You Can Make With Hot Kettle in Your Hostel Daze

recipes with hot kettle

Hostel life- the life full of interesting things, a life which is a complete mess for everyone. But it is also the most unforgettable memories of everyone’s life.

The midnight cravings for food, the fun with your room partner, cooking in the mid night are all the things that make it moreinteresting. Here are some of the things that you can make in a hot kettle in your hostel days because there is no fix time for your cravings. Electronic kettle helps you in making various kinds of dishes that you can serve in breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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  • The easiest things that you can make are tea, coffee or boil milk. But a hot kettle is not just about making these things . You can make many others things.
  • You can boil eggs in a hot kettle. Eggs are considered as the best breakfast foods. You can easily boil eggs in a hot kettle in a hostel room.
  • Noodlesis the favourite food of the youngsters and most of you are familiar with making instant noodles. But how it sounds when you get to know that you can make them in a hot kettle. So you can easily make noodles in a hot kettle and say a bye-bye to the hostel mess food.
  • Living in hostel doesn’t mean that you have to eat junk food all the time. You need healthy food to keep yourself fit. You can prepare oatmeal in a hot kettle. The things you need is a bowl and some boiling water and you can easily cook oatmeal in a kettle and can add sugar according to taste.

So you can prepare a lot more dishes in a hot kettle and can easily say a bye- bye to the hostel mess food. You can even boil potatoes, sweet corn pasta, maggi and a lot more things. So stop living a boring hostel life, enjoy your life with some of these dishes which you can easily prepare in a hot kettle without any problem.

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