To-do List for every couple before getting hitched.

things to do before marriage

Love is surely one of the things you need in life. Therefore, we have penned down a list which every couple should do before tying a know with each other.

The moment you decide to get married, it can feel like one swift free-fall towards the big day. It gets easier to get caught up in wedding planning and let every conversation with your honey revolve around wedding details and decisions. No matter if your wedding is a month or years away, it is essential to take time out just not to prepare for a lovely wedding, but also make it a happy and successful marriage. Know what marriage experts suggest things to do together before getting engaged.  Then grip your sweetie and start exploring things off the list.

Go to an unprepared trip

You get a chance to experience how well you can handle each other in a stressful situation, which acts as valuable insight for your future life together. So, if you guys haven’t left town yet together, then this is the time, book a trip! It doesn’t matter if you have mastered the art of couples getaway already, you can still consider it a good time as an Engagement-moon. “It lets you depressurize.” Create it easy for yourself and chose a resort with everything included in it so you need not worry about the details once you reach there.

Know each other’s value

Before committing to spend the rest of your lives with each other, it is necessary to understand, discuss and talk about one’s values and beliefs like caste, family, rituals, and dynamics. There could be a possibility that you might not agree always, but you must respect each other’s thoughts and make sure they are not a deal-breaker before walking down the aisle. If you seem to be the opposite and know that it still works, then, in that case, you must put in some extra efforts and pre-plan your relationship in order to avoid conflicts.

Discussion over money

It is important that you and your partner must agree upon fiscal topics. Even when they are not always fun or easy to talk about. You should have this conversation before time so that you don’t see yourself in the situation at the unspecified Time in the future which could do damage to your marriage. You don’t’ believe? Money is the culprit for the majority of marriages which has ended up in divorce.

Join dance lessons

Why not consider dance classes? Yes, dance lessons are a great way to gain an understanding of how to move on a dance floor with one another but are equally important. This is the time where you can completely stay back from stressful planning. With dancing lessons, you get an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, learn and laugh together and just be with each other.

Introduce each other’s, favorite people

Getting to know the most important persons in each other’s lives gives you a vision upon who the other person is as a “person”. Try to spend time and really get to know your honey’s loved ones. Developing strong relationships with your would-be life partner ‘s close friends and family will strengthen the bond between the two of you. An important note – If both of the families come from opposite ends of the country or even in the world, try to start planning about how you guys will spend with each of them after you get married,  mainly on holidays.

Talk about kids

Just like the discussion about money, conversation over kids is also important. Talk freely if you both want them? If so, the next question be, how many? You must share your vision before taking vows. Having children is a big commitment, both financially and personally for your whole lives. It also changes the relationship with your significant one. Generally, couples get into marriages with a thought that it’s something they can talk about later, or one even thinks they can change another person’s mind, but this rarely happens. Therefore it is crucial to discuss this in the beginning.

Get engagement photos.

If you are unsure about whether to get engagement pictures clicked before the wedding happens, go for it.  It will be a great opportunity to know your photographer a little better. Above all, you are about to spend the biggest day of your life with him/her, so getting one’s feet wet is a great way to feel confident and comfortable in presence of the camera on your wedding day.

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