Types of people you come across in Delhi metro

types of people in delhi metro

Metro is the most popular form of mass transport amongst people. It gives a convenient and fastest traveling experience to the travelers. Metro is that one place where you can find the perfect mix of our nation. It is the lifeline of Delhi. A wide part of the population travels by metro and we get to see a lot of people who might be funny, creepy, annoying and everything you can imagine for Delhi.

Here, we give you a list of different kinds of people you meet in Delhi Metro.

1) The stalkers

Those Stalkers! Well,  We all must have witnessed such a guy. They keep staring or looking at a girl until she notices. Lowering the gaze is not their nature. You can stop now as all people sitting near you can see now.

2) Those seat catchers.

Such a person saves 2 seats, one seat for himself and another for his imaginary friend. And can you guess who could be that imaginary friend? It’s his bag. Dare to ask him to get it off and he will be at the receiving end of the “Look”.         

3) Couple With PDA.

Ahh! This is a couple who just can’t wait to be home and you will get to see them at least once in the whole day. Well, our only advice to them- Go get a room, please!

4) The Selfie-queen.

So these are one of the most common types of people you will come across in metros. The moment she enters, she doesn’t stop her finger running in her hair, and consistently changing angles and pouting and clicking. And still unsatisfied. 😀

5) An engrossed Reader

Such persons are so devoted to reading that they even sometimes miss their destination station. But it is probably not their fault, anyone can be addicted to reading.

6) Amplifier – One who talks loudly

This one is specially dedicated to all those aunties out there! They talk so loud that it’s their duty to keep people sitting around them updated about their whereabouts, LOL.!

7) Sleeping partners

I am pretty sure you all must have seen this kind of person.  As early as they grab a seat, you would see them snoring and floating in their dreamland. Well! They can be cute unless they come up half sleepy dead person questioning which station is about to come.

8) Some maddening Children

Such kids are either seeing yelling at their siblings, crying or eating. Suddenly you find your earphones useless.  Oh ! How can I forget to mention their favorite time pass – Revolving around the pole.

Closure So this the list of travelers we get to see in the metro. If you think something is left to be added, do share your laughable metro experience with us in the comment box.

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