These unique old fashioned words tend to be back – Everlasting Lingo No more!!

old fashioned words everlasting

If you are the person who uses smileys more often than the words then you are just like me!Lol!

I mean who doesn’t love using those beautiful cute little gestures, so appealing to the eyes!

I chat on whatsapp more often than on messenger or any other app, as the smileys on whatsapp are beyond cuteness and it gives me a sort of different tinge of thrill to converse through these munchkins!

We have been noticing that many things in vogue today, might become outdated tomorrow. However, few popular ones find their way back into their previous pre-requisite abode!

Similarly, many words fall out of fashion and come right popping up again, which is why experts at the University of York have compiled a list of 30 words set for a renaissance.

“As professional linguists and historians of English we were intrigued by the challenge of developing a list of lost words that are still relevant to modern life, and that we could potentially campaign to bring back into modern day language,” Dominic Watt, senior linguistics lecturer at the University of York, told to the Evening Standard.

They have revived the lost words which they consider are both interesting and thought provoking, with the hope to engage and reconnect the people to the old. The researchers have categorized the words into ‘post-truth’, ‘appearance’, ‘personality and behavior’ and ‘emotions’. With this it is soon to come!

These words will be replacing the emotions of some of our beloved smileys anytime soon!

Betrump- To cheat, swindle, trick or deceive.

Coney-catch- to swindle, cheat, deceive, dupe,decoy

Dowsabel- Applied to a sweetheart, mostly the ‘lady-love’

Ear-rent – The figurative price given to the person for hearing to the frivolous and everlasting talks.

Hugger-mugger – Disguise, camouflage, Concealment, secrecy

Percher – A person who aspires to a higher rank or status; an ambitious or self-assertive person

Quacksalver – A person who claims to posses knowledge of or skill in medicine; a peddler of false cures.

Rouzy-bouzy – Boisterously or savagely drunk

Wasteheart – Used to pour out the emotions of grief, pity, regret, disappointment, or concern

Wlonk – Proud, haughty, rich, splendid, fine, magnificent

Aren’t some of them strangely bubbly cute! Well start using them, as they are just about to hover just like the rest!