Weird wedding incidents of Gujarat: Groom’s Father and Bride’s Mother Fell in Love and Eloped

wedding incidents of gujarat

It is always said that marriages are proposed in heaven and performed on earth. This sacred binding occupies a special place in Indian households. According to different traditions existing in different communities, ceremonies take place to mark the formal occasion into a lifelong relationship.

Gujarat is famous for its incredibility (wedding incidents of gujarat) and Western Gujarat is known for its stunning culture, all the festivals that are celebrated are with great pomp and show. But, recently an article published in The Times of India has made everyone speechless.

The above incident took us back into the reign of 1990’s film and refreshed the entire story, In Bollywood super hit Film ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun,’ groom Mohnish Behl’s uncle Alok Nath and the bride Renuka Shahane’s mother Rima Lagoo was put in a comically awkward situation when Nath’s college-days defeat on not getting married to her was revealed by none other than Lagoo’s husband Anupam Kher. All the enjoyment went on along with this harmless disclosure with laughs and the marriage went on smoothly of Mohnish and Renuka.

But the real incident took place in Surat. Following the similar footsteps of the film Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, in Surat, the marriage plan of two youngsters which was scheduled in February got disturbed, when the groom’s father and the bride’s mother after refreshing their young days’ love absconded from Surat. The marriage of the youngsters was scheduled in February second week, but the 48-year-old man and the 46-year-old woman, are nowhere to be found and 10 days have passed now.

The groom’s father ran away from his house in Katargam area, and the bride’s mother had left her house in Navsari. It is strongly assumed that they had run away, leaving the families in an extremely embarrassing situation. Both the shocking families had filed missing persons’ reports with the police, according to the TOI report.

It is truly disappointing for the bride and groom(wedding incidents of gujarat) who were preparing for their marriage for the past year since they got engaged. They belong to the same community and elders were taken in confidence before their engagement was done. However, the absconding parents, barely a month before the marriage has left everyone shocked.

The groom’s father, Rakesh, (name changed), is a textile businessman who also deals in property, went untraceable around January 10. Rakesh is also a member of a political party. He is a native of Amreli district. He knew the bride’s mother, Swati (name changed), since their childhood. They were neighbors in Katargam area and were good friends too.

Both of them knew each other since they lived in the same society (wedding incidents of gujarat). Some of their close friends had also informed that they had a relationship in the past too; all the stories were highlighted after the absconding of the parents. A relative of both the families said that however, Swati got engaged with her current husband (Rakesh) in Navsari.

Swati, whose family originates from Bhavnagar district, got married to a diamond artisan who later became a broker. The elopement incident has become a point of discussion on social media and photos of the couple are being widely shared. But in the midst of all these, the planned marriage has been suspended until the matter gets resolved.

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