14 Patanjali Products Lose Licenses Following Uttarakhand Authority Decision


In a significant regulatory action, the Uttarakhand authority has recently decided to cancel the licenses of 14 products manufactured by Patanjali Ayurved Limited. This decision has sent ripples through the Indian FMCG sector, where Patanjali has been a prominent player known for its wide range of consumer goods that emphasize natural and Ayurvedic ingredients.

Details of the Regulatory Action

The cancellation of the licenses primarily affects products across various categories including health supplements, toiletries, and food products. The Uttarakhand State Licensing Authority, responsible for the regulation and oversight of Ayurvedic products in the state, cited non-compliance with safety and standard regulations as the primary reason for their decision. Specific violations noted included discrepancies in formulations, mislabeling of products, and failures in maintaining adequate quality control measures.

Impact on Patanjali Ayurved Limited

Patanjali Ayurved, co-founded by yoga guru Baba Ramdev, has been a key player in the Ayurvedic products market since its inception in 2006. The company has gained immense popularity by promoting wellness through Ayurveda and has established a vast consumer base with its claim of providing natural and herbal products.

The cancellation of these licenses poses a significant challenge to Patanjali, potentially affecting its brand reputation and consumer trust. Furthermore, the financial impact could be substantial, given that the affected products are part of the core offerings that contribute significantly to the company’s revenue.

Consumer and Market Reaction

The reaction from consumers has been mixed. While some consumers have expressed concern about the quality of Patanjali’s products, others remain supportive of the brand, attributing the situation to regulatory hurdles that they believe will be resolved soon. In the broader market, competitors might see this as an opportunity to capture a share of Patanjali’s market by emphasizing the quality and compliance of their own products.

Steps Being Taken by Patanjali

In response to the regulatory action, Patanjali Ayurved Limited has issued a statement assuring consumers and stakeholders of their commitment to compliance and quality. The company has indicated that it is in the process of reviewing the specific issues raised by the Uttarakhand authority and will take appropriate steps to address them. This includes enhancing their quality control measures, revising product formulations if necessary, and ensuring all marketing communications accurately reflect the product contents and benefits.

Future Implications

The future implications for Patanjali hinge on their response to this setback. Successfully addressing the concerns of the Uttarakhand authority and regaining their licenses could help restore confidence among consumers and investors alike. However, prolonged regulatory issues could hinder the company’s growth and impact its expansion plans, both domestically and internationally.


Overall, the revocation of licenses for 14 of its products serves as a critical reminder for Patanjali and other players in the industry about the importance of compliance with regulatory standards and maintaining high levels of quality control to ensure consumer safety and trust.