Army Chief Bipin Rawat Says About Anti-CAA Protests

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With respect to the ongoing protests against citizenship act in different parts of India (CAA), Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat is in the latest news on CAA as on Thursday (December 26.12.2019) said that leaders are those who lead people in the correct direction. He also added that students in several universities and colleges are the most important masses and crowds and they are targeted through leaders to carry out a protest against citizenship act with arson and violence. This is not called leadership.

Leaders are those who lead people in an appropriate direction. When one is witnessing in a large number of universities and colleges, students should be taught keeping the sensitivity of laws, rules and regulation of a nation.

General Rawat looking to the effort of soldiers and police personnel in regards to nation’s security protest against citizenship act appreciated them for their sincerity and truthfulness. He had also given special credit to soldiers for operating Saltoro ridge in Siachen and other high altitude positions where the temperature ranges between -10 to -45 degrees. In winter season when we sandwich ourselves in Delhi to protect ourselves from cold, at that time these soldiers stand steadfast on Saltoro ridge in Siachen & others operating at high altitude positions where the temperature is extremely low -10 to -45 degrees, surrounded all around by ice. He said, from the bottom of his heart he respect and admire them for their contribution to the nation.

The similar message was given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday (December 25) for CAA protest in UP and criticised the destruction of public property during the protests. He further added that those involved in a protest against the citizenship act should do the self grilling and do self-analysis for, what they did was right or not. PM Modi requested and told these protesters who are making a protest against citizenship act, that if good roads, facilities, and a clean sewerage system is a citizen’s right, maintaining them correctly is also their responsibility as well. Whosoever has protested violently and has destroyed the nation’s property in recent times must ask self, was this the right way.

In the latest news on CAA, Union Minister of UP State for Home,  Nityanand Rai on Thursday (26.12.2019) claimed that Kashmiri stone-pelters were involved in the recent anti CAA protest in up with violence during which over a dozen people were killed and hundreds of policemen and civilians were injured. The Ministry of State Home, remarked this while attending an event in the Samastipur district of Bihar.

Speaking at the event, Rai said that Stone-pelters from Kashmir were called to participate in the protest against citizenship act across the state of UP. Those leaders doing vote bank politics were behind the unrest and violence across the state. The Union Minister also said that the locals did not participate in the violent protest against citizenship act across the state.

The BJP has accused Congress of inciting violence to protest against citizenship act. Shah also accused the opposition parties, which are opposing the CAA, and spreading misinformation and causing violence against anti CAA protest in India.

Intentional efforts were made to distort the secular foundation of the country. Opposition parties including Congress had been spreading rumours and misinformation about the latest news on CAA amendment which has been duly passed by the Parliament after a thorough debate and later approved by the President.

These remarks for anti-protest against citizenship act came from Rai shortly after the latest news on CAA came from his senior and Union Home Minister Amit Shah charged Congress of supporting violence in the city`s streets and said now it is time to “penalize the tukde-tukde gang”.

Shah also said that when discussions on the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) were held in Parliament, no one was willing to say anything. As soon as it got implemented, they started spreading misinformation and disrupted peace in Delhi. On Sunday 22.12.2019), Prime Minister Narendra Modi had accused Congress and “urban Naxals” of spreading rumours and causing violence in the city. Shah`s public rally is most probably scheduled ahead of the upcoming assembly polls in Delhi, which is likely to be held early next year (2020).

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