Biggest Forest Fire in Australia

forest fire in australia

The biggest fire in Australia forest 2020 has destroyed by the worst wildfires seen in decades, with large sheathe of the country shattered since the fire season began late July.

Approximately 24 people have died nationwide and more than 1,300 houses have been destroyed in the state of New South Wales alone. State and federal authorities are struggling to control the massive blazes, even with fire fighting support from other countries, including the United States.

Fire in Australia forest has been worsened by persistent heat and drought, and many points to climate change as a factor making natural disasters go from bad to worse. These Australian forest fires are so dense that they are generating their own thunderstorms.

The Science behind the Biggest Fire in Australia Forest 2020:

Australia forest fire so far has burned about 5 million hectares (12.35 million acres), killing at least 24 people and destroying more than 1,400 homes.

They are just terrible said by Stanford University environmental studies director Chris Field, who chaired an international scientific report on climate change and extreme events. He said this is one of the worst, climate change extreme events he has ever seen.

Field said that there is something just fundamentally terrifying about these big wildfires. They go on for so long, without any control over them even with the support of the fire department. The biggest fire in Australia forest 2020, is the kind of the iconic representation of climate change impacts.”

Is Australia Forest Fire Triggering Thunderstorms?

Yes, it’s like a violent thunderstorm called pyrocumulonimbus (storm combines smoke and fire with the features of a violent thunderstorm) and it can inject particles as high as 10 miles into the air.

When the fire breaks out, heat and moisture from the plants are released, even when the fuel is relatively dry. When the warm air is less dense than cold air then it rises, releases the moisture and forms a cloud that lifts and ends up into a thunderstorm initiated by fire. Flannigan said, in Australia, it happens very frequently and other parts of the world, including Canada. These can be deadly, dangerous, unreliable and unpredictable.

A concise report on wildfires submitted by the Australian government in 2019 said that human-caused climate change has resulted in more critical weather conditions for bushfires in recent decades in many regions of Australia.

How Does Climate Change Make These Australia Forest Fire Worse?

Flannigan said, the drier the fuel in the form of trees and plants, the easier it is for fires to start and the hotter and worse they get, it means more fuel is available to burn, which means the flame of the fire would be of higher intensity, which makes it more difficult, or impossible to put out. The heat of the broken fire makes the plants and trees drier, so they combine for something called fire weather. And that determines “fuel moisture,” which is crucial for the fire to spread. A 2016 study had found that the lower the moisture, the more likely Australian forest fires start and spread from lightning and human-caused ignition.

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