Coldest Place In The World That Makes People Shudder


If winters are your thing, head to this coldest place on Earth. Yes, Oymyakon in Russia is the coldest permanently occupied human settlement in the world. The place has recorded temperatures below -70′ Celsius. The place has around 900 inhabitants.

Eyelashes freeze here and frostbite is a constant danger here in this place with inclement weather and conditions.


For those who are not used to the cold, it must be difficult to think of living or even visiting such a freezing place.


There is more to this village than cold weather, frostbite and freezing temperatures. They can also visit the region’s mountains and lakes.


For vehicles to work, heaters are used to increase the temperature in car garages.

This is because the engines cannot start at such low temperatures because of the ice.


The local residents are of the view that it is terrible cold.  Once a dog got his tongue stuck in a barrel of water.


The crops cannot be grown due to the inexplicable low temperatures. So the diet in this region is meat-based, that is eaten both raw and frozen.


The city only has 5 or 6 hours of daylight per day. Winters last for around five-six months.


A thermal coal station is used to provide warmth and heat to the houses that runs 24 hours a day.

The village has registered an all-time low of minus-98 degrees in 2013. Schools during such extreme conditions are usually opened and kids go to school everyday.

Amos Chapple, a photojournalist from New Zealand, traveled to the region in 2015 to capture the subzero way of life.

“Yakutians love the cold food, the frozen raw Arctic fish, white salmon, whitefish, frozen raw horse liver, but they are considered to be delicacies,” local Bolot Bochkarev told the weather channel. “In daily life, we like eating the soup with meat. The meat is a must. It helps our health much.”