Detailed Discussion on Citizen Amendment Act: Amit Shah

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With all kinds of controversial issues which had been raised by all the opposition parties and their co-conspirators, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday released the transparency on the act. Though many times it had been made clear about the CAA on social media and through various news channels but still the oppositions is finding the best time to play their Vote Bank politics, they are not bothered of the human values only making fool of people for their own self interest.

Many times PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah had pleaded people to stop the violence and setting arson around the nation as this bill is only for uniting the people, but still the brain washed people getting flamed by the oppositions, are still provoking wrong concept in the society.

Once again Home Minister Amit Shah has opened the detailed strategies behind the CAA.

He said, National Register of Citizens (NRC) is not a religion-based exercise but “whoever does not meet out the eligibility will be excluded and will be sent out of the country “.

He also said people are unnecessary linking the arguable Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and NRC, the home minister said that the CAA only seeks to provide citizenship to those minorities who were mistreated in neighbouring nations and is not linked with the NRC.

Speaking with AajTak, Amit Shah said that NRC is crucial as no nation in the world allows burglars to take their citizenship without proper channels.

He also asked them, is there any country in the world where there is no register of its citizens, can anyone go to the US and just be their citizen?

He made it very clear that neither the NRC exercise nor the CAA will hurt Indian Muslims or any other religion.

There is no need to worry by all Indian Citizens; no one will be thrown out. We will make special provisions to ensure that no Indian citizen from minority communities is victimized in the NRC process. But we can’t leave the borders open as well. Countries are not run like that said by Home minister Amit Shah.

He said, it is very important for everyone to understand that intruders or illegal migrants do not only eat away resources and opportunities meant for Hindus but also Muslims. Not even a single person of a minority who is an Indian citizen will be harmed in the NRC, and along with it not even one intruder will be spared.

Home Minister Amit Shah asserted that with no agenda, except their vote bank politics, opposition parties had united to spread rumours and create fear among minorities over the Citizenship Amendment Act.

He had also appealed Indian citizens by saying- Muslim brothers and sisters; I want to assure you that the Act will not affect you. The Act will not take away anyone’s citizenship, it will only give citizenship.

❍ Identification of Migrants

On being asked about how the government will identify who are Muslim and a Hindu migrant, as several Bangladeshi migrants usually lie about their identity, Amit Shah said, “Leave it on us to worry about that and how we will find out who is lying and not lying about being Hindu and being persecuted among the migrants.

❍ On Students Protests and Jamia Police Action

Home Minister Amit Shah said it is wrong to say that protests are being held in a majority of universities across the country. “There are 224 universities in the country. If you factor in private universities, the numbers reaches around 300. Out of these 300 universities, in only 22 universities protests were being held. Out of these 22 universities, in four universities (including Jamia Millia Islamia University and the Aligarh Muslim University) the protests were severe. In the remaining universities, the protests were normal and attended by students with a very low strength varying from 10, 20, 30 to 10, 200 and 300 in number.

The home minister also said the students’ who are protesting for Citizenship Amendment Act is because they have not studied it in detail.

On asking about the violence and police action in Jamia Millia Islamia University on Sunday where many people, including students and cops, were injured, Amit Shah said the question of going after students does not arise.

“But if there is stone pelting from inside the university and there are instances of arson, and even then the police do not act, then I think the police are not doing their duty. When protest becomes violent, it is important to control it, said by Home Minister Amit Shah.

Only the instruction has been given to the Delhi Police at the moment is to ensure peace in Delhi.

❍ Allegations of Vote Bank Politics

Home Minister Amit Shah, who is also BJP’s president, said that the Modi government did not take the decision to amend the Citizenship Act and provide citizenship to refugees to boost its vote bank.

We aren’t doing this for any kind of election purposes. There are no elections existing around the corner. Congress never dealt with the country’s problems. This is Modi’s government- it is not here to run the government, but to resolve the country’s problems. We aren’t here to do politics. We could’ve relaxed for five years, if we would have been doing politics, I’d have done this [CAA] in 2023 in spite of doing it right now.

❍ Is Government Ignoring Economy?

On being asked if the government’s focus on controversial laws such as CAA was misplaced at the time the country is facing an economic crisis, on this Amit Shah said that the two departments are independent of each other. “Government doesn’t run like that, he also asked, if there’s a security problem, should Nirmala Sitharaman stop work in finance ministry?

When Amit Shah was questioned for the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) promise to deliver a gross domestic product (GDP) at 10 per cent, which is currently at 4.5 per cent, Amit Shah said that the government had also touched 7.8 per cent “which people usually forget”.

Amit Shah said, “This [GDP at 4.5 per cent] is a transitory issue and a result of a global slowdown. It is the global factors to be blamed for the slowdown in India.

Amit Shah further said that under the leadership of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the Modi government has taken many steps to overcome these challenges concerning the Indian economy.

One Has To Keep Patience, Trust and Also Has to Be Supportive In Order To See Good Happenings around the Nation

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