Envoys of 15 Countries Tends to Visit J&K Today

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Ambassadors from 15 countries including the United States will be visiting Jammu and Kashmir today (09.01.2020). The main agenda would be they will be talking to the localities, will meet civil society members on the security situation in the Union Territory.

Reason for Envoys Visit to J&K

As we are already aware that the government has resolved the Kashmir issue by removing Article 370 and 35A and now it is just like any other state in India and will be following all the rules and regulations of Centre. During this amendment, for the smooth running of the process and security reasons several political leaders were detained, internet services were suspended and the entire state was put under high-security alert.

Agenda for the Envoys Visit

  • The main agenda of the ambassadors will be to review the security situation by army and intelligence services in this region.
  • To disapprove Pakistan’s propaganda which it has been committing since the abrogation of Article 370 on 5th August 2019.
  • The Envoys will be free to interact with people living there with respect to their security.
  • Envoys will meet Lt. Governor G. C. Marmu and other officials before returning.

Duration of Stay of the Envoys

Envoy’s visit to the Indian-controlled Kashmir will be for two days, starting from Thursday and will end up on Friday evening.

Was it the First Visit of Foreign Envoys?

This is the second visit as in October 2019; a group of European Parliament members had visited the disputed Kashmir region for 2 days, they were on their private visit, not the government-sponsored.

Envoys representing the Countries

The Press Trust of India news agency said diplomats are representing Bangladesh, Vietnam, Norway, the Maldives, South Korea, Morocco, US, Uzbekistan, Argentina, Guyana, Philippines, Peru, and Nigeria.

Now the authorities have eased several restrictions, lifting roadblocks and restoring landlines and mobile phone services. The internet service at some places is yet to be restored in the Kashmir valley. Authorities have encouraged students to return to school and businesses to reopen. The top political leaders of J&K are still not allowed to move freely in the region because of their anti-national activities. Waiting for everything to run smoothly in the UT, which in their presence would create unnecessary violence in the good going region.

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