Ground Floor Construction Of Ram Mandir is on Final Stage: Interesting facts to know!


The three storey Ram Mandir which is currently under construction in Ayodhya is soon to be completed. The ground floor construction work is now on its final stage. 


The Larsen & Toubro and TATA Consulting engineers team is working on the construction and taking it to its final stage. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is again ready to gift the nation with its ancient pride and the symbol of Hindutva. 


This temple will become the most valuable heritage in the history of India and its culture. There are major attractive infrastructural features of Ram Mandir. 


  • The pillars and walls of this three storey Ram Mandir will be cremated with imported stones from Rajasthan. 


  • The temple includes five Mandaps- Gud Mandap, Rang Mandap, Nratya Mandap, Prathna Mandap and Kirtan Mandap. 


  • The height of this temple is 380 feet, width is 250 feet. The temple will be furnished with Sangamarmar.


  • There are a total 392 Pillars in the temple and every door will be designed with gold. 


For the establishment of Shri Ramlala in the heart of Ram Mandir, the invitation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been sent.