How One Nation one Ration card scheme will Benefit every Indian – Effective Nationwide From 1st June

one nation one ration card scheme

In our “New India” we are coming across new developments in India, one by one. Modi government was re-elected in 2019, after successfully completing 5 years term from May 2014 to May 2019. Since then many new changes took place in India, amongst these developments, there is one more new government scheme, which has been announced by Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan on Monday (21.01.2020). The government scheme in 2020 declares the existence of ‘One Nation, One Ration Card’ which will be implemented from June 1 across the country.

Paswan while speaking to the reporters said under this new government scheme a beneficiary will be able to avail benefits across the country using the same ration card. Earlier on January 1, Paswan had declared that its facility will be started in 12 states in the country, but now it has been opened for the entire country.

Under one nation one ration card facility, the beneficiaries of the public distribution of the states can get their share of rations in any of the states in which they are residing, according to the Union Minister for Food and Public Distribution.

Though, Paswan had announced earlier on December 3, 2019, that this new government scheme of ‘One Nation, One Ration card’ will be ‘implemented without fail in the entire country’ by June 30, 2020. So now it is good to know that one will start getting the benefits from June 1st itself in place of June 30th.

It is a fact that this government is only for the people and all the members of the Modi Government are working too hard relentlessly to meet the good facilities for the people. In the long run with this government, each one will be benefitted but patience is required. There is no doubt that the corrupt people of opposition will create lots of hindrances but the victory of truth over evil always takes place.

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