Iranian Foreign Minister Will Be Visiting India Next Week

iranian minister visit in india

India, to safeguard its energy and financial interests in West Asia, in the middle of the escalating US-Iran conflict is hosting Iranian foreign minister M Javad Zarif next week.

Zarif will also be a key presenter at India’s leading foreign policy event. This will be his first address from an international forum after the killing of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. Last month, Zarif had hosted Indian foreign minister S Jaishankar in Tehran and later met him at the Oman-Iran-India trilateral in Muscat. There Zarif was invited for Raisina Dialogue, a multilateral conference held annually in New Delhi.

On Sunday (05.01.2020) night, Jaishankar reassessed the regional situation with Zarif, this was the first contact at a Ministerial level between the two sides after a US airstrike, which killed Soleimani.

tweeted by Jaishankar.

Recently, India has hunted to expand security and economic partnership with Iran simultaneously with other powers in the Gulf region. Stabilising Straits of Hormuz (a strait between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman) is very important for energy imports by India said by officials. When Jaishankar had visited Tehran, days after a trip to Washington, the two of them without naming Pakistan shared concerns over threats posed by terrorism and called for an immediate end to all support to terror sanctuaries. It was agreed by both the foreign ministers to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the bilateral Treaty of Friendship in 2020. With this regard, both sides would promote exchanges between parliamentarians, organize cultural festivals, and promote people-to-people contact and youth exchanges. Officials of both the countries will also hope to hold an early meeting of the Joint Working Group on Trade and to finalize a Preferential Trade Agreement and Bilateral Investment Treaty, and promote cooperation in customs matters.

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