Is It Possible for Pakistan to Compensate Malaysia as India Restricted Palm Oil Import?

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Latest News Updates on Oil Import Ban by India 

Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Since the ages, almost over 70 years, the battle between India and Pakistan are on full bloom. One step wrong decision which was taken by Jawaharlal Nehru and Liyaqat Ali in 1947, till date it is becoming very difficult to bring things on track. Now the things are badly deep rooted and will take time to rectify the wrong decisions taken at that time in the past.  Now the minorities of Pakistan are being tortured by the Pakistan Government for which Modi Government has taken out its remedy by bringing in CAA to save our Hindus, Christians, Sikh etc. accept Muslims because Pakistan itself is a Muslim country and is keeping Muslims on their hands. Kashmir issue too is solved by India and now moving ahead to occupy POK.


❒ Malaysian Prime Minister Interference

Amidst of these controversial issues with Pakistan, Malaysian prime minister, repeatedly criticized India’s policy on Kashmir and the new citizenship law. He had also raised the Kashmir issue in the UN General Assembly session in September 2019.  With this India got annoyed and has banned the import of Palm oil from Malaysia.


❒ Biggest Exporters of Palm Oil

The biggest exporters of palm oil are the Indonesia and Malaysia. These two countries supply palm oil to India. The trade data revealed that Malaysia produces 19 million tonnes of palm oil annually, while Indonesia produces 43 million tonnes annually.

India, being the world’s largest importer of vegetable oils, used to import nearly 15 million tonnes annually. Pakistan imports 1.08 million tonnes of palm oil from Malaysia; this is the current data of 2019, but according to the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, India bought 4.4 million tonnes.

But with the controversial issues with the Malaysian government, the Indian government has forced restrictions on imports of refined palm oil; It is a move towards disappointing the inbound shipment of the commodity (palm oil) from Malaysia.

But, the External Affairs Ministry in New Delhi has made his point clear and said that the government’s annoyance of restrictions on imports of refined palm oil is product-specific and not country-specific.


Malaysia Pakistan Relations

With this PM Imran Khan got the opportunity to show his soft corner to Malaysian PM Mahathir, expecting for the support which he could get in future as at the international level most of the countries have boycotted Pakistan and the country is at the level of getting blacklisted due to the intense support provided by the country to the terrorists and all the activities related to it, the repercussions of which all the countries have suffered with.

So, recently Imran Khan had visited Malaysia on Tuesday (04.02.2020) and thanked Malaysian PM Mahathir during a joint press conference for speaking on Kashmir issue justice.

Then further Imran Khan had extended his hands to buy more Malaysian palm oil to “compensate” the trade loss, due to the India restriction on the import of the commodity from the country and said, he had noticed that India had threatened Malaysia for cutting their palm oil import due to their support to the Kashmir issue, he polished by saying Pakistan will do its best to compensate their loss.

Pakistan PM found a small speck of light in the darkness and had reached there to take the full advantage of it, in spite of not having enough money and is already living in debt.

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